TMASSIVE Plate of INDIAN FOOD (Thali) Over 30 ITEMS!!!

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Published on Apr 09, 2018

If you ever travel to India and you don't know where to start, I would suggest going for Thali. Thali is a combination of various Indian dishes that are compiled on a plate. And for this video, I'm eating one massive thali with 37 dishes that include seekh kebabs, chutneys, breads, rice dishes, and a variety of curries.

Although this location does not have free refills, my friend tells me that at most thali restaurants in India, they provide refills on any dish! A never-ending thali dream!

LOCATION- Cost: $24 USD (non-veg)
Lakeside Mini Punjab

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  • sharan r pujar - 44 minutes ago

    Butter is white,the processed one has color in it

  • misai H - 2 hours ago

    its Mumbai not "mambai"

  • Sanju Singh Mma - 4 hours ago

    Love from Mars.

  • Ryan H. - 6 hours ago

    I'm weak for good indian food. There are good indian takeaways near me but don't have such a large palette like in this video. It's way too easy to get carried away with the bread and spices and before you know it you've eat 3000 calories in just bread alone... Great video though.

  • Himansh Zadoo - 7 hours ago

    Thali just means a big plate.

  • Hammer Time - 7 hours ago

    Turn the plate around so she can dip and eat. Wake up man

  • Rahul Sinha - 10 hours ago

    Man, that classic Mumbai accent... making me miss home.

  • Cute Fish - 12 hours ago

    $24 for all that? I’m down.

  • Danial Danial Wafiuddin - 13 hours ago

    Go to brunei

  • Roni Khatua - 14 hours ago

    We Indians r invited whole world to come in India and enjoy our delicious foods.. please come.. we love you...

  • Rishabh Somani - 16 hours ago

    My mouth is watering so bad, I hate this part of YouTube

  • Piu Das - 18 hours ago

    The incredible awsome our India. 👍👍👌👌🙏🙏👏👏👍👍

  • tube or not tube - 20 hours ago

    oh the guide did not guide him well of how to eat it. should have gone in circular fashion. Start with the kebabs and breads in center. Use the rice to try with curries. Coot it with the curd and raitas. Take the biryani and eat with the meat curries and raita. Papads ot be eaten in between them. Mix the dals and khadi with rice and Khichdi. Drink the salty drink before meal and drink the salt lassi after meal.

  • Lydia Graham - 21 hours ago

    Looks delicious

  • CORALINE24 Jones - 23 hours ago

    I prefer Mehak instead of that thali On Lunch time .......

  • Rohan Damodar - 23 hours ago

    She's the worst host ever !!

  • Tech Granada - 23 hours ago

    You speak so much .lol .

  • P R - 1 day ago

    this girl is so cute and her accent cherry on the top

  • Dave Evan Loppies - 1 day ago

    Holly cow !

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    So jealous! Damn!!

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    Mehak seems really sweet

  • Hamud Mirza - 2 days ago

    I couldn't get all that for $100 in Canada!!! What a deal!

  • Faraz Shaikh - 2 days ago

    Nice video. Side note: Dara singh thali is not unique to Mini Punjab.

  • Sandeep - 2 days ago

    Sir ur great. Namaste.

  • mysterious billionaire - 2 days ago

    paapad is pappodums

  • Deleted Account - 2 days ago

    it's not RAH-TEE. it's ROH-TEE

  • my tube - 2 days ago

    i like south indian thali

  • my tube - 2 days ago

    I was in the whole world but Indian food is the best food

  • ashutosh dubey - 2 days ago

    I tried this Thali few weeks back, enough for 4 people and taste really good!!!!

  • Nikhil Wadekar - 2 days ago

    OMG Bro I live in the area!! I never knew you've been here. Damn. Missed it