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Published on Jul 16, 2017

Hey, guys! Today, I’m sharing with you 50 facts about me. Let’s get to know each other a little better! Comment below with some interesting facts about you. Do you want to see more tag or challenge videos? Let me know in the comments below! Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6

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  • Ariana Jove - 21 minutes ago

    Hey doctor I feel sick

  • Ariana Jove - 21 minutes ago


  • Jasmine Chen - 2 hours ago

    man, you make medical lesson so intriguing, also I have to say this. dude is stupid hot.

  • ohsomia - 2 hours ago


  • Midnight Sonnet - 2 hours ago

    Huh... did not think you were that much younger than me. Based on your looks, I figured you'd be around my age. Damn whipper snappers. ;P

  • Kristian Chee - 3 hours ago

    Fun fact: My favorite quote "Hózhóogo naasháa doo" Which is Navajo for "In Beauty I walk". It's part of the daily Navajo blessing that is used to remind yourself that beauty goes before you (joy and hope for your future), beauty behind you (growth and strength from your past), beauty on each side of you (support from all around.) This just helps remind myself of the generations of Navajo people I have behind me that I am paving the way for and also the generations that went before me to give me my life.

  • Jennifer Watson - 3 hours ago

    We have so much stuff in common I’m beginning to wonder if we’re twins 🤔 I went #2 in my pants in kindergarten but only because the teacher wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom! 😂😂

  • uknwho - 4 hours ago

    Yo! Fist bomb Scorpios! Although I'm an economist :)

  • uknwho - 4 hours ago

    Yo! Fist bomb Scorpios! Although I'm an economist :)

  • Mel Ross - 4 hours ago

    You are so hot I can’t

  • Jyrus Julian - 4 hours ago

    One fun fact about me: I came from the Philippines and immigrated to the US at age 8. That means we're immigrants. I have a question for you: Do you consider returning to Russia in the future where you'll make a medical careers over there?

  • Tieia Middleton - 5 hours ago

    Fun fact: 16 years ago I weighed 310 pounds and now I’m 125 pounds. 😉

  • ***miri*** art - 7 hours ago

    Ill go to Santorini..and sky diving....😜

  • Sara Morales - 8 hours ago

    Fun fact: I’ve never broken any bones in my body😊👌🏽

  • HeatherMeredith97 - 8 hours ago

    After I had brain surgery the surgeons said I wouldn't be able to play softball for 1-2 years. I was back on the field and in the game in 6 months. Just in time for fall ball.

  • natalie cabrera - 9 hours ago

    looks like we have a lot in common 😉 hmu 😂

  • Kimberly Castillo - 9 hours ago

    Future coworkers 😄👩🏻‍⚕️

  • Carolina Bringhenti - 9 hours ago


  • Giulia Chiappisi - 9 hours ago

    Uuuh brother Scorpio!✌🏼and that explain also why I find you charming!😍🙈

  • Jordan Forstadt - 9 hours ago

    my favorite fun face about myself: I'm a junior in high school, going to college in about a year and a half and definitely want to go as a nursing major so your videos are amazing and so helpful for me!

  • Jordan Forstadt - 9 hours ago

    my favorite tv show is friends too. We're literally the same person

  • Jordan Forstadt - 10 hours ago

    I'm a scorpio too!!!!

  • Danielle Chapman - 11 hours ago

    i've actually had a knee injection ... it truly does give some relief

  • lucky yare - 11 hours ago

    89% we are the same .

  • Elena p. - 12 hours ago

    yeah a gin tonic fan !! then mishka next time you are at a bar try the Roku gin with the Aqua green Monaco and a slice of lemon peel

  • sarah jiang - 12 hours ago

    ahhhhh Friends and Alaska

  • Karis _yikes - 13 hours ago

    I don't do well after I have anesthesia

  • Merialys Borges - 13 hours ago

    Fun fact: I wanna become a cardiovascular surgeon!

  • Patricia C - 14 hours ago

    Fact about me: 5 months ago, I went to the hospital because I had a strong pain on the upper right side of my stomach the whole day. The doctor said that it was propably gastritis and he let me go. Last Sunday I went back to the hospital for the same reason, and they found out I had stones in my appendix.

  • Jungshook - 14 hours ago

    Fun fact about me is that i used to have Vesicoureteral reflux, Nearly needed a kidney transplant but im good now