TLeaks From Comey's Book And A Trump Tower Doorman

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

Asking a sitting FBI Director about Kremlin 'kompromat' or a rumored affair with a housekeeper might be the lead story for some presidencies, but in 2018 it's just Thursday.

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  • Uthman Baksh - 17 hours ago

    So there's another Trump child out there somewhere, so glad were not in a monarchy or else he would be 5th in line for the throne.

  • Joey Collins - 22 hours ago

    Oh i see, the president and the terminator now have something in common. They both been banging the help.

  • Julius Hoffmann - 1 day ago

    Order absorb adolescent turn furniture fun authority online land too.

  • Bones X - 1 day ago

    Yep! We need more of Comey's "possibly, maybe, I can't answer that and yabba yabba yabba." Go ahead and believe him and his vague tale.

  • Vicki Holloway - 2 days ago

    Cobar sucks,

  • Roman Darius - 2 days ago

    What kind of men look at the hand size of other men? Comey and Stephen are sick!

  • Dana K - 2 days ago

    I don’t watch your show as I’m not a fan. You actually remind me of Samantha Bee’s shadow. That’s sad that your show only exists because whether or not you promote or bash Trump, his name itself is what keeps your pathetic show even alive. People hear Trump, and keep wanting more love him or hate him. You and your show are seriously just on borrowed time. It’s sad that you can’t come up with anything better for your show. Everyone will always remember Trump even after many many years after as you will only be an after thought.

  • Jay Czz Ya - 2 days ago

    All I want for Christmas is to find out who is this Lovechild

  • moo moo - 2 days ago

    I get my news from this guy. what a country this is that he (and others!) can talk like this about our Pres! Are there talk shows that arent making fun of him? ...oh yeah, thats probably impossible...

  • FLYNN - 2 days ago

    Any woman that had that Marmalade jello bag lay on top of them dripping orange garbage juice sweat - deserves billions of dollars...

  • Bearded Bard - 2 days ago

    Anyone else notice Steves suggestion of "come together " by scissoring at 3:39?

  • Geoff Dearth - 2 days ago

    There are probably enough of them to form a union.

  • Simply Yutune - 2 days ago

    Comey isn’t innocent. Don’t buy his books. Sly!

  • William H. Baird - 3 days ago

    What a sick fuck Trumpf is!~

  • Lucky Striker - 3 days ago

    0:39 It seems fitting that Trump's approaches his marriage to Melania in the same way Ben Affleck approaches Henry Cavill in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

  • Happy Slant - 3 days ago


  • Gorilla Jones - 3 days ago

    Even if there is a Pee tape his base of hypocrites, racists and morons won't care. SMH.

  • Novastarr - 3 days ago

    They should use that old South Park "Britney Watch" voice. It's "STORMY WOWTCH"!

  • Jed Cardoso - 3 days ago

    Super excited for Comey on Tuesday!

  • Patrick Nelson - 4 days ago

    Hey Trump! Just to be honest, I simply wanted to let you know that 35% will now ensure your continued service to this country. Please prepare to be further humiliated with either Muller's investigation's or your own incompetence and needing to resign before your impeachment. Screw you Trump! Hope you enjoy prison with your sons and son-in-law~! Hate your guts you traitor! You are destroying this country you Son-Of-A-Bitch!

  • Robin Potter - 4 days ago

    Find the housekeeper. Test the baby's DNA. Trump owes the child as much as any of his other children. However many there are.

  • Satrio Heru - 4 days ago

    Trump is like one of the guy who goes to court to declare that he didn't kill puppies last night and blame everyone as liars when the rumor spreading

  • Jim Goree - 4 days ago

    Lynch/Clinton Tarmac meeting info needs dropped!!!This is America and we the people demand justice now!!!!before it's history and these people are dead !?!???....LYNCH/CLINTON TARMAC DEAL? LYNCH/CLINTON TARMAC DEAL? LYNCH/CLINTON TARMAC DEAL? CLINTON/LYNCH TARMAC DEAL CLINTON/LYNCH TARMAC DEAL LYNCH/CLINTON TARMAC DEAL????? EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION BEFORE THIS CBTS PATRIOTS QANON PEOPLE RISE UP AND MAKE CITEZENS AREEST.......CALLING ALL WHITEHTS ....MEME CLINTON/LYNCH TARMAC DEAL!!!!!!Raid everything and set the stage PATRIOTS!!! Demand #releasetheclintonlynchtarmacdeal #CLINTON/LYNCH tarmacmeeting

  • pat comerford - 4 days ago

    Stephen your air guitar is good, but you need some serious practise on your air flute!

  • Seniors Penname - 4 days ago

    To all of the real people out there who aren’t sheep being led to the slaughter, trust your instincts first! Aim higher! It’s not that hard!!! What a joke these congressional political inquisitions are. Corrupt spineless politicians will always sacrifice scapegoats to cover their own asses. Zuckerberg was their goat and they are all Jackasses! Zuckerberg looked like a scared school boy being scolded by school teachers for something he didn’t do! He definitely showed how stupid their plotting and poorly prepared questions were, by constantly asking them to further explain what they were trying to ask him! Congress used Russia as a scapegoat for hacking the internet, which everyone knows, can't be protected and now Zuckerberg for what Cambridge Analytica did! Corrupt Elected Elitist Politicians, of every color, today use, duly elected President TRUMP, as a scapegoat for their own failures and insecurities! Adding insult to injury, the Media and others, shamefully hiding them-selves in the first amendment, and true to form, mock and bully every scapegoat to benefit their own failures and insecurities, and to line their own pockets! For all of you bully entertainers, media and politicians out there living in glass houses! Remember how much you bullied Bieber and Eminem! Anyone notice how much Zuckerbery looks like Eminem! Eminem’s song ‘The Real Slim Shady” tells it like it really is! No Surprises Here!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!!! For a bit of humor please click here >

  • Kenneth E. Zwolski - 4 days ago

    Could WW3 Start over Fictional Piddling Prostitutes? David Blount 15 April 2018 World War I was a cataclysm that killed 16 million people and initiated the ongoing decline of Europe. It was set off by a relatively minor incident: the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In light of Friday’s attack on Syria — which drew a predictably menacing response from Russia, and could easily escalate out of control — WW3 could be set off by something downright trivial: a fictional account of piddling prostitutes. In an attempt to delegitimize his presidency, Democrats have convinced themselves that Trump is in league with the Russians. The attack on Russia’s ally Syria for allegedly using chemical weapons may have been motivated in part by an attempt to dispel this allegation. All the ballyhooed investigating has produced nothing of consequence, so why does the Russian stuff get under Trump’s skin to the point that he set off the whole Mueller spectacle by firing James Comey? Comey’s new book might offer a clue. 'A Higher Loyalty' is likely to consist of self-serving grandstanding by a guy with minimal credibility. But you can learn something from anyone Comey describes President Trump’s obsession with uncorroborated intelligence suggesting that Russia had compromising material on him — specifically including footage of him watching prostitutes urinate on each other in a Moscow hotel room in 2013, while Trump was in town for the Miss Universe pageant. There is no evidence to support this salacious allegation. Yet it vexes Trump. The allegation has also become shorthand for something even more problematic for the White House: the notion that Trump’s reluctance to forcefully confront Russia on myriad fronts is rooted in some sort of compromising material that Russian President Vladimir Putin and allies have on the U.S. president. WaPo enthuses about “the tantalizing possibility that the Russia tape just might exist.” Comey himself says that “it’s possible.” You might say that the media has been goading Trump by implying that if he doesn’t get into a fistfight with Vladimir Putin, then the piddling prostitutes story is real. For Trump, this is the most intolerable calumny in the Hillary-financed Steele dossier. According to Comey, Trump “strongly denied the allegations, asking — rhetorically, I assumed — whether he seemed like a guy who needed the service of prostitutes.” Infidelity is okay, apparently. Maybe wanting to watch women pee on each other is okay. But a proud Casanova can’t have anyone thinking he had to pay for sex. Now that media moonbats have found a nerve, they are likely to keep applying pressure there. Nothing good will come of it.

  • Gixellia S. - 4 days ago

    Great show, Stephen.

  • Bruno Walther - 4 days ago

    A plea to learn from the past - How Trump compares to Hitler (and not) See also John le Carré’s warning about a possible new rise of fascism in the United States and elsewhere: Just a few examples of the creeping fascism in the United States of America: And the rest of the world: Furthermore, Donald Trump’s behaviour begs the question whether Trump has neurosyphilis because (1) he displays several of the symptoms and (2) he will not release his medical records. A medical doctor recently told me that that is a distinc possibility to explain Trump's erratic and selfish behaviour. See also: A medical theory for Donald Trump’s bizarre behavior And: "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump." A new book delves into the president’s mental health. P.S.: His recent ‘clean’ bill of health has no bearing on this topic because he was not specifically tested for

  • John Ferguson - 4 days ago

    Colbert is a pussy! And your all brainwashed Morons! Have a nice day!

  • M. A. - 4 days ago

    So why is Melania staying with Trump? She likes being humiliated in public?