TTiny House is a Super Efficient Monolithic Dome

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Published on Dec 17, 2016

These tiny rentals are in Italy Texas. While their size is very efficient the shell itself is equally amazing. Go check them out at

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  • Bo Rood - 4 hours ago

    Is this a Mars project?

  • B M - 15 hours ago

    why those ugly square doors in them?

  • Kaiser Frost - 2 days ago

    That looks like it's going to get run down PDQ. No bathroom ventilation? Okay, enjoy the whole house smelling like a bathroom. Tiny houses are just a bad idea altogether. Please don't subject children to this. Children need to grow up in a home, not a hotel room, and not a trailer.

  • Betty Jo Hunter - 3 days ago

    I didn't see a private bedroom

  • สุดาพร ทะนันไชย - 4 days ago

    Interior dasign is poor. No bedroom?

  • Kevin - 7 days ago

    You'd be spending more on rent than the actual house

  • Julie I AM - 1 week ago

    Might be cheap rent but the phychotherapy and anti-depressant medication and illnesses caused by depression may run into the thousands $$. Small living accommodations have proved to be unhealthy.

  • RICH Sanchez - 1 week ago

    Great for a couple....but not for a family....

  • Mastan Jamadra - 1 week ago

    Masha alla

  • Joanne Bohan - 2 weeks ago

    No bed no bedroom

  • Aakash Buttanda - 2 weeks ago

    Very nicely build but interior plan is not at all ok it's waste of space they could have done that very beautiful but they didn't

  • DKP Productions - 2 weeks ago

    I could totally hotbox that hut

  • tim wilsden - 2 weeks ago

    Homelessness is a symptom of a failed society

  • Jupiter Stars - 2 weeks ago

    $600 per month is expensive for a homeless family

  • Sith Lord - 2 weeks ago

    DBZ Houses?

  • Andrea Christian - 2 weeks ago

    Who are all these families of 4-5 thinking they'll be comfortable in a tiny house?

  • Sum Mors - 3 weeks ago

    $560 per month to live in a (likely) off-gasing box. Greaaaaaaat.

  • Zig Zag - 3 weeks ago

    Modern day hovel's.. don't get me wrong, I'm a proponent & supporter of "small" living. It's just sad that this is what we've been reduced to.

  • Tandin Tshering - 3 weeks ago

    Where's the bedroom?

  • Jessie Girls - 3 weeks ago

    Cool a be vood for our pets😂

  • Tiffaney Wilson - 3 weeks ago

    They need a makeover....The inside looks awful!

  • Google Fan - 3 weeks ago

    Expensive for shitty home

  • MrJareth - 3 weeks ago

    This is a bad investment.........

  • Anonymous Anonymous - 4 weeks ago

    Making several tiny houses instead of one big with several tiny apartments is never good for the environment or your finances.

  • Sher Ali - 4 weeks ago

    very best house

  • Robert Johnson - 1 month ago

    Your audio sucks. Me out

  • Wynn Yoder - 1 month ago

    I live in a Texas dome. Love it. Built it in 85. Never had a problem. Have seen these while driving to Dallas. Great idea.

  • Lynnie Page - 1 month ago

    This tiny house movement is becoming detrimental to society. Is it supposed to be cool to live in this dark and ugly squat? It's not even all that cheap.

  • OkashiiAmerican - 1 month ago

    I lived in a dorm room in Japan for a year that was smaller than that. I'd probably be good in that.

  • IM4LOSER - 1 month ago

    Fallout 5? Lol