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Published on Mar 27, 2017

Without further ado, we present: the world's LARGEST racing drone!

Watch some of our other crazy builds:

Learn to build your own mini quad:

Thanks to T-Motor, we were able to create a GIANT race drone that you inspired and may have seen pop up in some of our vlogs and episodes. The time has come to share it with the world!

Check out T-Motor's website:

Check out our article here:

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Know anyone with their own crazy project? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • FliteTest - 12 months ago

    It's time to start another big project! Leave a comment with your idea or thumbs up someone else's idea you like!

  • Shadman Yasar - 1 day ago

    I am Currently Studying Aeronautical Engineering in Australia i was wondering if i could join the FliteTest team

  • James Dobbs - 2 days ago

    Need to remake callsign "Dragon" from avatar.

  • NitroThunderBird - 3 days ago

    You should put some parachutes on that! You can get a bunch online which you open remotly.. Obviusly and they open in about 0.8 seconds... Yes that was very spesific.

  • Tyson J Taylor - 4 days ago

    props to the aerial video pilots

  • Don Walker - 4 days ago

    😨keeeewl . We only have Big Ben over here in the UK and it don't sound as sweet as this Beast from the West!

  • Phillip Coffman - 6 days ago

    You had me at liftoff this giant drone could start some very interesting job opportunities for one working at airports and chasing ducks and geese and other objects out of the no-fly zone area I wish I had the money to have you guys make one for me but at least I have your YouTube videos to watch and drool over

  • Turkiyede 1 Yer - 6 days ago

  • Aguvika - 6 days ago

    Are they getting the drone view with that visor??

  • christopher mukungurutse - 1 week ago

    Make a bigger one put a person on it 😂😂🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Tanki Royalty - 1 week ago


  • SeenCreaTive - 1 week ago

    Sounds like the neighbors are flying their lawn mower again.

  • Hazyj peepme - 1 week ago

    Well I was hopeing for a new trust fund baby video so I can see how poor I am good job douch bags your parents money has giving you nothing to do an no job to go too.

  • Ted Johnson - 1 week ago

    $50 off a mavic pro alpine whit here at dji limited time. Wanted to let all of the other drone pilots know. Here is the link. Copy and paste and share it before the deal is over.

  • MasonBray - 1 week ago

    This could film movie

  • Adem Avcı - 1 week ago

    Now add hellfire missiles to it...

  • RockytheKidd 009 - 1 week ago

    So technically it’s a drone not a mini drone

  • Micah Climie - 1 week ago

    Giant mini quad

  • Justin Caraher - 1 week ago

    That huge drone sounds so evil

  • The_Human-Wither - 1 week ago

    It's the legendary Quad-King, the undisputed ruler of all quads.

  • Steven fenton - 1 week ago

    Pilot fish

  • EnduroRookie - 2 weeks ago

    the sound is awesome

  • Wendy Owens - 2 weeks ago

    I love the scale looks of the 3D flying...Big slow precise maneuvers....

  • TeckPeck - 2 weeks ago

    1:30 jaegers heli going down in outbreak

  • kleintjuhD - 2 weeks ago

  • rasmus9311 - 2 weeks ago

    That's scary!!!

  • Vo K - 2 weeks ago

    Cool now can you make the world's smallest drone!!

  • Gyro Simulation - 2 weeks ago

    Make it an in air racing drone aircraft carrier. Forget the Amazon drones!

  • Collin Werth - 2 weeks ago

    Make one you could ride

  • Diamond 1 - 3 weeks ago

    Build a huge drone that can hold your weight!!!!!! That would be amazing!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👌👌awesome video too by the way.