TBraised Red Cabbage Recipe - Sweet & Sour Braised Red Cabbage Side Dish

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Published on Apr 18, 2012

Learn how to make a Braised Red Cabbage Recipe! - Visit http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2012/04/braised-red-cabbage-that-is-all.html for over 675 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Braised Red Cabbage Recipe!

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  • Joel Brittain - 4 days ago

    You can't taste caraway? Since when?

  • Nendria nendria - 6 days ago

    One of my husband's favourites now! Thanks!

  • GenosPerformer - 3 weeks ago

    ................ You're the Simon Le Bon of how your cut your Ribbon!! .........

  • Stranger Horse - 4 weeks ago

    Just a few seconds in and I'm hooked. Like my grandma made....so here's a challenge for you: German Russian Cossack style borsht if that's even a word lol.  Thank you for your work . , from fit to finished editing is beautiful: )

  • B Dean - 1 month ago

    like a vegas lounge act became a chef became a youtuber

  • Brian Elston - 2 months ago

    Andre the giant cooking show! I thought that cabbage was big at first...

  • Jason W Baccaro - 2 months ago

    Looks so good!

  • tinaloveseddie - 3 months ago

    Can I substitute the red wine?

  • ZwikyTips MANBEAR - 3 months ago

    Now to The German Potato Salad!

  • ZwikyTips MANBEAR - 3 months ago


  • Carol Docherty - 3 months ago

    No cloves? No apple slices? Half is missing.

  • Pushpa Nayak - 4 months ago


  • Vaji Iman - 4 months ago


  • James Ferri - 4 months ago

    I like using bacon fat, onions,

  • Obida Kordi - 4 months ago

    It's a Ruby color :-)

  • pschroeter1 - 5 months ago

    I like adding celery seed. No turn me down just because I made it with green cabbage.

  • Blair Tarley - 6 months ago

    This is Lori Bach. Love your humor!

  • Miss Nada - 6 months ago

    نريد المكونات باللغة العربية

  • Val Kiernan - 6 months ago

    I have always loved red cabbage, but I add honey instead of sugar.Beet Juice is great in this dish also

  • Save The Bees - 7 months ago

    Colour nerd here... I would say that the colour is somewhere between mauve (mauvine, aniline violet, Perkin's violet) and burgundy or maroon. It is not as blue as mauve, but it is at the same time more blue than burgundy.

  • harry viking - 8 months ago

    tks! \this stuff is a number one with pork ribs!! oh yes...

  • V Gil - 8 months ago


  • SomethingHappened! - 8 months ago

    This channel has amazing food, amazing recipes, but it does sort of seem like a fast-track to heart disease and obesity. "A little bit of sugar" - that was like a 1/4 of a cup? and cooked in butter. Looks amazing, but damn, it sure can't be too healthy at this point.

  • Sim Le - 8 months ago

    No cayenne?

  • John Doe - 8 months ago

    I've had this at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport Kentucky. It comes with the schmankerlplatte. (Oh, I'm hungry now.) I love everyone's suggestions on how to cook this. I will definitely try it.

  • Hotrodelectric - 9 months ago

    Good ol' rotkohl. Absolutely perfect with German potato salad and grilled or broiled brats.

  • sweetpapajazz - 9 months ago

    The color is pruce !

  • DemonGaming - 9 months ago

    Will he ever do any exotic dishes like duck head?

  • arjun verma - 10 months ago

    but I cook yesterday..cabbage...onion..bay leaves..lemon sas..butter ..yummy

  • Lisa Sexton - 10 months ago

    I made this tonight and all LOVED IT!!! Thanks! Love your channel :)