Mixing All My Highlighters Together

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Published on Feb 02, 2018

For my next installment of "Bad Makeup Science" I decided to tackle my highlighter collection and mix them all together into one giant franken-highlighter. Turns out I have 45 highlighter colors that I scraped together to make a (hopefully) megawatt, dazzling highlight!
Thanks to Olay Daily Facials for giving me the product to clean up our makeup mess!

You can get them here: http://bit.ly/2Evk0EB and/or at most drugstores. #SkinCareHacks

I've previously mixed my nude lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows, and liquid lipsticks! What do you think of this addition to the franken-family?

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  • Safiya Nygaard - Channel Youtube
    Safiya Nygaard - 4 months ago

    hello friends!! happy friday!! hope this franken-highlighter brings you a little sparkle for your weekend! ✨✨✨ love u all <3

  • Lily Levesque - Channel Youtube
    Lily Levesque - 50 minutes ago

    You should do mixing all my blush together like if you agree

  • Alex Askin - Channel Youtube
    Alex Askin - 2 hours ago

    You should do the not my hands challenge with Tyler make up addition

  • Marissa Thompson - Channel Youtube
    Marissa Thompson - 2 hours ago

    I hope you named it Celestial Shine lol

  • Rose Vampire - Channel Youtube
    Rose Vampire - 3 hours ago

    74.9 for 30 something makeup wipes. You can buy 100 for 1.00

  • Darby Bell - Channel Youtube
    Darby Bell - 3 hours ago

    Franken setting powder and Frank and con tour and Frank and concealer plus with those you can make three different videos a powder one and a cream one and a liquid ones too so awesome

  • Kaylee Martin - Channel Youtube
    Kaylee Martin - 4 hours ago

    I have exactly the same highlighter. ( the one with the flower).

  • slime land slime land - Channel Youtube
    slime land slime land - 4 hours ago

    frankan contour

  • Rose Vampire - Channel Youtube
    Rose Vampire - 4 hours ago

    ‘You know how people drum on a thic cat’

  • Anahi Martinea - Channel Youtube
    Anahi Martinea - 4 hours ago

    Mix all your eyeliner.

  • Libby Carter - Channel Youtube
    Libby Carter - 5 hours ago

    Make a frankenface

  • Maryam Ismail - Channel Youtube
    Maryam Ismail - 7 hours ago

    Imagine someone asking you what highlighter your wearing

  • Crazy unicorn Lady - Channel Youtube
    Crazy unicorn Lady - 7 hours ago

    You need to make a makeup line

  • Crazy unicorn Lady - Channel Youtube
    Crazy unicorn Lady - 7 hours ago

    This is soooooo coooll I llllooooovvvveeee all your mad science episodes

  • Angellic Msp - Channel Youtube
    Angellic Msp - 10 hours ago

    ų ʂɧơųƖɖ ɱıҳ ąƖƖ ơʄ ųཞ ʄཞąŋƙɛŋ ɱąƙɛų℘

  • Yara Qashou - Channel Youtube
    Yara Qashou - 10 hours ago


  • Yashika Asrani - Channel Youtube
    Yashika Asrani - 12 hours ago

    I took huda beauty liquid lipstick

  • Luca Uda - Channel Youtube
    Luca Uda - 14 hours ago


  • Shistar Tea - Channel Youtube
    Shistar Tea - 15 hours ago

    Literally working on a compilation video of you rn haha

  • Fariah Criss - Channel Youtube
    Fariah Criss - 17 hours ago

    Saf, love, I'm so sorry but you look like a nightmare under the black light, your teeth are so white they freaking glowed

  • Brighton G - Channel Youtube
    Brighton G - 18 hours ago

    She should have Bad Make Up Science, The Internet Made Me buy do etc It, etc etc merch! I’d definitely buy✨✨✨

  • BreadMEEPZ - Channel Youtube
    BreadMEEPZ - 18 hours ago

    Mixing all the eyeliners in sephora/ulta ?

  • valincal21 ValincalboiiO_o - Channel Youtube
    valincal21 ValincalboiiO_o - 18 hours ago

    Even though I don’t where makeup I wanna cry

  • Veronica Liptak - Channel Youtube
    Veronica Liptak - 20 hours ago

    6:58 her face looks white and purple 😂😂

  • mizukichan30 - Channel Youtube
    mizukichan30 - 20 hours ago

    can I just say that im pretty sure a black light illuminates things like blood, sweat and ..... other.... male..... bodily fluids..... but cant be sure if thats only with a special spray

  • Rachel Henninger - Channel Youtube
    Rachel Henninger - 20 hours ago

    Look at that paper shiine, staples is quaking- safiya nygaard

  • Brooklynn Williams - Channel Youtube
    Brooklynn Williams - 20 hours ago

    Do a franfen powerder

  • EmojiBell - Channel Youtube
    EmojiBell - 21 hours ago

    I think you should mix all of your eyebrow filler things

  • Ashley Schulte - Channel Youtube
    Ashley Schulte - 21 hours ago

    Franklin bronzer

  • Allie Fogarty - Channel Youtube
    Allie Fogarty - 21 hours ago

    i love this :OOOO