TOxygen is Killing You

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Published on Sep 13, 2012

Hank introduces us to oxygen - the element that makes it possible for most animals to live, but which is simultaneously responsible for a lot of bad things going on in our bodies.

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  • Michael - 2 days ago

    Oxygen keeps you alive Oxygen kills you Oxygen has Bipolar

  • Marge onthat - 2 days ago

    How much of the combustious mixture we breathe in is 'farts' ? (methane)

  • StevenSidez - selfish cat person - 4 days ago

    So we should breathe carbon dioxide, got it 👍

  • Felix Leong - 4 days ago

    2018?? Any long scishow lovers and followers?

  • Lalaine - 5 days ago

    jm terriffied of breathing but if i dont breath ill die but if i breath ill die

  • Arslan R - 5 days ago

    So live in a place with less oxygen will be better?

  • Hydra Jamm - 5 days ago

    If oxygen kills me what do you want me to do about it? Start breathing c02

  • David Sinca - 5 days ago


  • La Ki113r - 5 days ago

    We already know it's killing us 😑 but nothing we can do about it... 😑

  • im king 2004 - 6 days ago


  • Adrelite - 6 days ago

    Go to the worst website in the world:

  • Alen Becirevic - 6 days ago

    Oh come on oxygen is a part of the life

  • Mir Asif Asgar - 7 days ago

    any woneDied👩me!!!

  • DoomGuy 11 - 1 week ago

    Well we're doomed anyway, damn!!

  • Micheal Gilliland - 1 week ago

    so we are never going to live for ever

  • patatoducky7 - 1 week ago

    so scary

  • The All Seeing Eye - 1 week ago

    But.....our cell processes need oxygen for aerobic metabolic activities.

  • Supreme Man - 1 week ago

    Existence kill

  • Intergalactic Thought Criminal - 1 week ago

    so rust AIDS

  • Cagkiller0 I dislike society - 2 weeks ago

    It kills you in about 100 years

  • RoiF - 2 weeks ago

    We will all die, just live with the fact.

  • sergeant singletrack - 2 weeks ago

    so like ive been feeding my cat vitamin e oil for like ten years and his in his mid 20s now so should i start eating vitamin e oil?

  • Nebula The Fennec - 2 weeks ago

    Why does wifi suck 😣

  • Benito Lazo - 2 weeks ago

    You're saying that oxygen kills you? That is so stupid! I have never heard that in my life! This video is telling people to stop breathing which we need to stay alive! And by the way, rusting does not occur on flesh, only metals! This is due to oxidation! I've seen it once!

  • betterert - 2 weeks ago

    FACT: you can live the rest of your life without water you'd die within 3 days but that's technically the rest of your life.

  • thrasher is not a fashion statement - 2 weeks ago

    *breaths harder*

  • friikz0 - 2 weeks ago

    What if we only have 2 minutes of life span and everytime we breath we reset the timer?

  • Shantanu Baviskar - 2 weeks ago

    Clickbait level: truth

  • Who touch my spaghetti?! - 3 weeks ago

    I hate oxygen!

  • Robert Bennett - 3 weeks ago

    That's what antioxidant for