TTrump Might Have a Secret Kid and Mark Zuckerberg's Second Day in Congress | The Daily Show

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

A rumor surfaces that President Trump secretly had a child with a Trump Tower housekeeper, and Mark Zuckerberg continues his testimony in Congress following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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  • Samiam - 36 minutes ago

    Facebook is a big disappointment.

  • 70s80s - 1 hour ago

    Can’t stand those angry white Trumpbots—always sound like idiots at a hoedown!

  • Elton Tavares - 1 hour ago

    Trevor is the best, man!

  • michael Gilliam - 1 hour ago

    I'm not a trump fan but all these accusations and no evidence is getting very old and it makes us look bad. All I hear is my sources say.....

  • michael Gilliam - 1 hour ago

    Might have facts hard evidence please the media you're all the same

  • Nick Valentino - 3 hours ago

    National Enquirer type news lol.....I wonder if the liberals still believes it's not a Trump" Witch Hunt" with the Inspector Generals office charging McCabe with criminal conduct and now Comeys memos just released proving he lied that Trump attempted to obstruct the Russian investigation!?At every turn Trump is proving that FakeNews and liberals are making up stuff up to get him it's sad that the ones who claim to be so politically correct are the ones who has been on the attack from day one! "Smear Campaign" CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post have been doing exactly that from the day Trump won....Fake News....

  • Dylan Chouinard - 3 hours ago

    Donald Trump: Real life Robert Baratheon

  • Azazel Darth - 5 hours ago

    Dude in the background at 5:18 is doing Clint Eastwood's angry face

  • MGTOWk - 9 hours ago

    So woke! As opposed to the cooky conspiracy theory of Bill Clinton's half black son...

  • Brian Carter - 10 hours ago

    If baron doesn't try to b a better person hes gonna even b worse cuz of his generation, they're more entitled than ever, why did we ever stop punishing our kids, my dogs have more class than this last generation, how ya gonna like dad after he killed the country and started ww3, if he was smart he would smother trump out while he's sleeping.

  • Charles Darwin - 11 hours ago

    XD good stff

  • the qB Hawkeo Messenger - 11 hours ago

    You mean that Obama’s is one of his sons??? No wonder he knew about Obama’s birth certificate WOW

  • Brian Morris - 14 hours ago

    why arnt the bankers on these benches? the wall street crooks and the politicians and lobbyists????

  • Guadalupe - 15 hours ago

    Zuckerberg was coached by Sessions.

  • Emilia Kaplan - 17 hours ago

    Mark stole the idea for Facebook from his clients. You expect morals from the guy.

  • Carlos V. Argueta - 17 hours ago

    Reverse Keyser Söze :-D

  • Emilia Kaplan - 17 hours ago

    Find the kid. Watch Parody Project.

  • Daniel Viviers - 20 hours ago

    Funny and informative - loved the video!

  • asherael - 21 hours ago

    Wait, a tabloid paid him NOT to tell a gutter story?

  • Erick Gael - 22 hours ago

    About to talk to my mom

  • Erick Gael - 22 hours ago


  • Hanna Herron - 22 hours ago

    I so Luv this guy! LMAO while SMH...

  • Boris Chan - 23 hours ago

    Trevor, so out of context, shame on you

  • Jennifer Tidd - 1 day ago

    As the mother of two sons on the autism spectrum, I find his attacking the behavior of someone on be spectrum like this truly offensive. Now, zuckerberg deserves to be criticized, questioned, and his company regulated, but his behaviors, his tone of voice, and his physical effect is from having Asperger’s Syndrome. I have a 26 year old son just like him. He’s also brilliant. He’s also got feelings and his tone of voice and mannerisms come off robotic like Zuckerberg. I’m fine criticizing his business practices, but can the ableism. I love Trevor Noah, but this was really ignorant what he did here. To me, it’s the same as trump mocking the disabled reporter. For someone on the spectrum like Zuckerberg, public hearings like these must have been excruciating. He says he’s worry, and intends to change things. He may seem Insincere because of his mannerisms for people who aren’t aware of autism and how it manifests, but I’m taking him at his word and am amazed at all he’s accomplished.

  • June Nash - 1 day ago

    I love this man, he is so funny.

  • Sooksawaspakdee961 - 1 day ago

    Just ONE secret kid??????. Or is the secret kid actually the secret love child between Ivanka and daddy Donald himself hmmmmmm.

  • Rossana Chousal-Fune - 1 day ago


  • Emily Gippe - 1 day ago

    Maybe this was already mentioned... Zuckerberg looks dumb to the public, but there's a reason the phrase "ignorance is bliss" is true...claiming ignorance or to be unaware is just going to help him out in the end whether it be financially or whatever. He's just trying to keep his legacy alive. Thats only how I percieved it, tho. I could be wrong.

  • mj1994 - 1 day ago

    “Tell me I have crackhead blood mama” Idk how Trevor doesnt trend every day

  • yyni34 - 1 day ago

    you are a racist