THow Much Money Could We Sell The Earth For?

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Published on Feb 26, 2018

If aliens came to Earth and offered to buy it, how much should we sell it for?
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  • Life Noggin - 3 weeks ago

    Hey friends! If aliens came, would you want to sell Earth? Let me know. Oh! Also check out our video on the monetary value of space:

  • Matthew Graham Brown - 11 minutes ago

    I would sell earth ONLY to an alien 👽 if it’s name was gooflegorb

  • Lance Canary - 1 hour ago

    Do a video on Triagle Bob using Triangle Bob

  • tammyberwanger - 1 hour ago

    Name the planet “planet lazer shark”

  • AJ Jewe - 2 hours ago

    How aliens will pay do they have a bank on their planet

  • Rowel Canicosa - 2 hours ago

    We should name our new planet "myanus" So the aliens would say "Hey kukpojefk let's go to myanus" Right???

  • Amara T - 2 hours ago


  • Justice Team - Minecraft Catching Hackers - 3 hours ago

    They could play 10000000000000$ for our earth or just conquer our planet,errr I choose the 2nd one

  • EMPEROR_TECHMAN - 3 hours ago

    Id like to live on a new planet. Call it kyran

  • Comical Nerds - 5 hours ago

    The name : BlockoWorld

  • Lance Gabriel Sanone - 7 hours ago


  • rontsu.s - 7 hours ago

    A huge mistake would be a good name

  • spring bonnie9999 - 10 hours ago


  • Killer Caiden - 11 hours ago

    We should trade planits

  • *-Cocacrumb-* - 12 hours ago

    Another planet I'd like to go to is called EARTH Oooo. Actually change my mind.. Global Warming. I LEAVE EARTH! I GO TO HMMM.. Ahah! Ik!! HELL!!

  • Alejandro Parra - 12 hours ago

    I will call it tamerial yes i am a Skyrim geek

  • Zayd Shirzay - 13 hours ago

    I would but I don't know if it's habitable like if it's in the goldilocks zone or if there's oxygen for us to breath oxygen that humans can breath

  • Ethan DT - 14 hours ago

    I wouldn't

  • William Kwok - 14 hours ago

    If the aliens have a giant cable wifi at the core of the planet, I’m down

  • Bg w7 - 15 hours ago

    ZFIRST of all, how can an alien talk English???????????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • kdd erosa - 16 hours ago

    Wow, not all of the gold in the world can even pay off the US debt.

  • Potato Alex Reni - 17 hours ago

    Call it planet bob

  • American James - 17 hours ago

    Sex tillion? Boi

  • Steven Han - 17 hours ago

    The planet should be named awnsomercury

  • CinderellaMan 2627 - 18 hours ago


  • Ambar Khan - 20 hours ago

    it will be cheaper to buy few countries like China,Russia and America and bribe them into starting a war..These countries can send spies and disable weaker countries..Next phase would be to use these countries as launch pad to attack more powerful countries and occupy them as well...Some countries are perfect to start or even exacerbate the existing civil war...Most of Arab countries would fall for that...Finally when the world falls and most of the population is gone,,the survivors could easily go on to the new world and divide it amongst themselves....This would be cheaper for aliens and better for the remaining earth survivors too....

  • Troll Man - 1 day ago

    Sextillion lol

  • Fred Dy - 1 day ago

    That tells that everything has a "price".

  • Jenny Rea - 1 day ago

    You dint count the moon and the plants and animals

  • Hufflepuff Gaming - 1 day ago

    The new planet should be called Bloxara