TAaron Pritchett - When a Momma's Boy Meets a Daddy's Girl - Official Music Video

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Published on Feb 02, 2017

Aaron Pritchett's "When a Momma's Boy Meets a Daddy's Girl " music video from his June 2016 album release, "The Score".

(c) 2017 Big Star Recordings Inc.

iTunes Canada: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/ke/album/the-score/id1125426386

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/7A3B9LFtM8ZASl3nnBMv1U/1

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  • Saumya Verma - 4 days ago

    Oh,four couples.

  • Severely Sarcastic Organism - 1 week ago

    Yeah, sorry liberal folks but those guys at the end arent gay, just brothers. Good try though

  • Homie Skillet - 1 week ago

    Great song with a progressive (in a not in your face kinda way) a big step in the right direction! I love seeing how much we are improving socially!!<3

  • I_am _the _first_stargaze 99 - 2 weeks ago

    Um what i was thinking is that the guys at the end was the fathers of the girl in the beginning that explains why there both young in the end

  • Greenranger8 - 2 weeks ago

    If only they didn't have the girl look so similar for 3 of the couples then I feel like people would be less hooked on the fact that it's the same couple. Either way awesome powerful ending!

  • ForeverInLuvRA - 3 weeks ago


  • Tracey Taibinger - 3 weeks ago

    anyone else smile throughout the video? :)

  • zat rat - 3 weeks ago

    I accidentally clicked this but I loved it lol

  • micheal bleeker - 4 weeks ago

    god bless

  • Cheap Sunglasses - 1 month ago

    I thought the gay couple was cute, but they did throw them in in a strange part. I know now (after reading the comments) that it was 4 different relationships. You shouldn't have to listen to what the director said about the video, it's his job to make you understand it well. I think what they should have done is at the ending, made it so the guy and girl were they same couple, then shown that the gays guys were her father.

  • william kirkpatrick - 1 month ago

    too bad I can't dislike more than once

  • maria moreno. - 1 month ago

    So beautiful

  • I'm a Cat? Stop Lying - 1 month ago


  • Bambi Francisco - 1 month ago

    What happens when a girl meets a daddy's boy? Or a daddy's boy meets a daddy's boy?

  • Jasmine Cook - 1 month ago

    I'm so confused. Some please explain the ending to me. Who got married?

  • Carlee Cook - 2 months ago


  • Kat TheFanEnthusiast - 2 months ago

    Socially liberal music videos are some of the best music videos. People keep searching up ‘country music is gay’. Sometimes, like in this video, country music IS gay, but that’s not really a bad thing! Love is love.

  • Lily Voutier - 2 months ago


  • Autumn Connolly - 2 months ago

    Love this song

  • dmpsodapop - 2 months ago

    come on this world is f'd up enough already! keep gays out of country!

  • Sensei Juan - 2 months ago

    What a great song

  • Keith Sabin - 3 months ago

    http://canadianbeats.ca/2017/02/03/aaron-pritchett-releases-his-video-for-when-a-mommas-boy-meets-a-daddys-girl/ The video absolutely IS about four couples, one of them gay. I agree the song itself is sludgy, the video is clever, it was nominated for best video at the CCMAs but lost to the Brett Kissel video--whose actual lyric addressed its subject, unlike Pritchett's. Haters get over yourselves, Canada is supposed to be above parochial thinking, or do you just want us US folks to be less ashamed of our stupid Pretendisent by comparison. PS I see Eryn Beeching already posted this link first, credit her

  • jake braun - 3 months ago

    Wow keep the gay shit out. Nobody needs that crap in country music.

  • Andrew Keras - 3 months ago

    I identify as a drop of rain

  • Jacob Bleeker - 4 months ago

    Where is this filmed

  • Jacob Bleeker - 4 months ago

    Nice chevy i own one the same body style

  • Teilor Poirier - 4 months ago

    Love this so much. it makes me so happy and emotional everytime I listen to it!!!!

  • Hannah Crews - 5 months ago

    Good for you Aaron Pritchett. Beautiful song, wonderful video! <3

  • Everett Stordeur - 5 months ago

    great song but what is with the two fags at the end.

  • Sarcasm Msp - 6 months ago

    Being gay, isn't bad. .-. "Fags' PLEASEE, HOE. YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN.