Kim Kardashian Says Pregnant Sister Khloe Is 'Freaked Out' as Her Due Date Approaches (Exclusive)

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Published on Apr 04, 2018

ET spoke with the 36-year-old reality star and her longtime makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, at the launch of their new KKW Beauty collaboration. The KKW Beauty x Mario collection launches April 5.

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  • Nick Yad - Channel Youtube
    Nick Yad - 1 week ago

    WHOREDASHIANS. Proud trash mom.

  • Wendy Knox-Leet - Channel Youtube
    Wendy Knox-Leet - 1 month ago

    Kim leads with her tits.

  • Mila X - Channel Youtube
    Mila X - 1 month ago

    her lips looks like a tires

  • Camille Storm - Channel Youtube
    Camille Storm - 1 month ago

    omg Kim is so caked up here it i don't know if i'd be able to move my face with all that botox and make up. looking gorgeous though

  • London Wade - Channel Youtube
    London Wade - 1 month ago

    There relationship is everything, how gorgeous are they

  • sbooby70 0 - Channel Youtube
    sbooby70 0 - 1 month ago

    I hate kim kardeshian soo much

  • Maria Garcia - Channel Youtube
    Maria Garcia - 1 month ago

    Love you Kim heart 💓

  • Eliot M - Channel Youtube
    Eliot M - 1 month ago

    What's so interesting about a bunch of women waiting around to get f$@%ed

  • Mac - Channel Youtube
    Mac - 1 month ago

    I'm really done with this generation and the drag queen makeup. It really needs to stop.

  • Bready to Die - Channel Youtube
    Bready to Die - 1 month ago

    you guys need to leave her alone smh it's not your job to tell her what she should and shouldn't do with her face.

  • JoJo Pemb - Channel Youtube
    JoJo Pemb - 1 month ago

    I don’t understand Kim’s makeup with this outfit

  • vianney D - Channel Youtube
    vianney D - 1 month ago

    parece un maniqui humano. TRY TO SMILE girl, fake with money, hmmm!

  • J K - Channel Youtube
    J K - 1 month ago

    kim is on the tip of ruining herself with plastic surgery.

  • Belletaina - Channel Youtube
    Belletaina - 1 month ago

    kim and mario may low-key have some chemistry

  • andy thai - Channel Youtube
    andy thai - 1 month ago

    stretched face!.....soon your face will be at the back of your head!....stretch it more,,,Kim looking unreal....

  • shade Ibraheem - Channel Youtube
    shade Ibraheem - 1 month ago

    kim is so pretty

  • Mama Bear - Channel Youtube
    Mama Bear - 1 month ago

    Her face is not moving. Way too much botox.

  • Kristen Almonte - Channel Youtube
    Kristen Almonte - 1 month ago

    They don't have to work a normal job while pregnant. That's what is scary for most new moms.

  • Patrice Austin - Channel Youtube
    Patrice Austin - 1 month ago

    I do not believe they had kids

  • Thelionking 07 - Channel Youtube
    Thelionking 07 - 1 month ago

    Omg Kim and Mario are the sweetest, the nicest people! Love u guys and congrats on your collab!

  • Sheree Morgan - Channel Youtube
    Sheree Morgan - 1 month ago

    Over the top BOTOX!

  • Անի - Channel Youtube
    Անի - 1 month ago

    I love her dress 💕

  • Tamarra Gelenidze - Channel Youtube
    Tamarra Gelenidze - 1 month ago

    shes sooo dAMN prettyyy

  • LizziChiVegan - Channel Youtube
    LizziChiVegan - 1 month ago

    They're really trying to sell that lame ass KKW eyeshadow palette! Could her makeup look any more obnoxious?

  • Manto Galanou - Channel Youtube
    Manto Galanou - 1 month ago

    Nice eyelook. Whatever she tries is amazing on her.

  • Tokarra Mcfeer - Channel Youtube
    Tokarra Mcfeer - 1 month ago


  • Kristy Matsen - Channel Youtube
    Kristy Matsen - 1 month ago

    Ifnonlu we all felt this way about our best friends❤❤

  • Rancho Psycho - Channel Youtube
    Rancho Psycho - 1 month ago

    She can't even laugh openly and wholeheartedly , must be really hard for her to suppress all those happy feelings ... #plastic face

  • Annunaki _AncientMesoporamian - Channel Youtube
    Annunaki _AncientMesoporamian - 1 month ago

    Tighter botox

  • Betsy De La Cruz - Channel Youtube
    Betsy De La Cruz - 1 month ago

    Rising star from porn?😂😂😂😂😂