TRichard Jones Britain's Got Talent WINNER | ALL Performances

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Published on May 05, 2017

Re-live the MIND-BLOWING magic from Britain's Got Talent 2016 winner, Richard Jones! Including performances from the auditions, semi-final and the final! What's your favourite? Let us know in the comments below...

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  • #baTMan lodi - 1 minute ago

    It's true

  • #baTMan lodi - 3 minutes ago

    Wow Magic👌👌👌

  • David just wants fun - 27 minutes ago

    Don't get fooled.. Read More

  • xApachi - 6 hours ago

    7:35 lol awkward

  • Watermelon Bingsu - 7 hours ago

    Simon has not have a turn..

  • kage - 11 hours ago

    wow magic!

  • Essence Russell - 16 hours ago

    He lokks like captain america

  • TEj Maximus - 17 hours ago

    david becham was spot on

  • DilofaRapGaming - 17 hours ago

    song ?

  • zombieslayanixon - 18 hours ago

    8:20 fake shuffle

  • TurtleWhisperer - 18 hours ago

    *Loses to a little girl who can sing*

  • Mars - 20 hours ago

    9:36 he passes something from one hand to the other, repeats himself and puts it in his jacket when he’s getting the lighter

  • Liko - 20 hours ago

    Someone else notice the Battlefield1 trailer song? at 4:50 - 7:25

  • Kate Mendoza - 21 hours ago

    I love David's voice when he said, "A delicious cup of tea"

  • Pords Channel - 23 hours ago

    He Had A Super Power!

  • TH3_D3S3RT_34GL3 __BlitzB - 24 hours ago

    9:16 as you can se he is tearing thee paper 9:31 look closely he is putting another card from his left hand 9:37 now he kept the torn piece of paper in his righthand 9:40 now he kept the torn one in his clothes 9:47 he has folded the paper which looks like it is torn never trust a magician

  • Ryan Pahilga - 1 day ago

    he looks like captain america haha

  • elwood adriano - 1 day ago

    nice video

  • Patrick Miguel M. Andrade - 1 day ago

    Actually I love the idea how Richard Jones expresses the story of Fergus Anckorn through magic. Well done Richard, truly inspiring!

  • SSaVaGe85 - 1 day ago

    Last trick was super amatuer.

  • James Brainard - 1 day ago

    I don't get why people comment "oh it's so obvious he did this and this it's fake" like, yeah, obviously it's fake. we know.

  • Allstar7000 Minecraft - 1 day ago

    What if that grandpa was a random person with fake stuff xD

  • David Reedman - 1 day ago

    That was great😜

  • Dodo Weaboo - 2 days ago

    unleash the anger

  • N-PabLiTo - 2 days ago

    That last special guest looks like David but older

  • Reece - 2 days ago

    5:34 he literally asked for the first word so why are they freaked out he knew what the word would be

  • x Noazzy x - 2 days ago

    We got an orange sodaaaa... audience: 😶🤨🤔


    6:03 I see this in slow motion is fake

  • Taniford - 2 days ago

    0:36.. he spills some tea

  • Flying Thin - 2 days ago

    Hit me with all of your kinetic energy ........ he wasn't particularity good at physics.