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Published on Apr 12, 2018

Hosted by Kristen Ledlow, The Starters hand out the six major awards (MVP, MIP, DPOY, ROY, COY, 6th Man), while also selecting the winners in some light-hearted categories like Fan, Wedgie, and Funniest Moment of the Year. The guys also name the "Worst of the Year" recipient and say goodbye to the things that were lost in the NBA this season in a touching musical tribute. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV throughout the playoffs and get more of them on their website:

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  • Trix Agustin - Channel Youtube
    Trix Agustin - 4 days ago

    Why Davis is not in Def. Players

  • Aidan Johnston - Channel Youtube
    Aidan Johnston - 1 week ago

    De’Aaron Fox’s putback buzzer beater should be a top ten play for sure

  • BlueAK100 - Channel Youtube
    BlueAK100 - 1 week ago

    name of the song?

  • Saagar Khan - Channel Youtube
    Saagar Khan - 1 week ago

    The king what do you mean “the Bron” so dumb

  • RichardGaming - Channel Youtube
    RichardGaming - 2 weeks ago

    I want Dwane Casey Back :*(

  • ziffelboy - Channel Youtube
    ziffelboy - 3 weeks ago

    brad stevens is the best coach

  • Kawaii Cupcake1000 - Channel Youtube
    Kawaii Cupcake1000 - 3 weeks ago

    What's the title of the song? In Memoriam...

  • Shawn Wang - Channel Youtube
    Shawn Wang - 4 weeks ago

    42:25 Leigh could not help himself but admire Kristen's legs.

  • Shawn Wang - Channel Youtube
    Shawn Wang - 4 weeks ago

    29:03, Is that Eric Bledsoe or Hannibal Buress dressed as Robin Williams?????

  • renz iverson - Channel Youtube
    renz iverson - 4 weeks ago

    Was Kristen standing the whole time???

  • Roy Benedict - Channel Youtube
    Roy Benedict - 1 month ago

    I need the names of the female fans who love lou. Just for research, i need to ask them why they love lou. Just that.

  • Manish Maharjan - Channel Youtube
    Manish Maharjan - 1 month ago

    what the helll no AD in defensive category

  • Peter Bañares - Channel Youtube
    Peter Bañares - 1 month ago


  • Coltdogg11 Shep - Channel Youtube
    Coltdogg11 Shep - 1 month ago

    Kyle kozma should not have Ben in the running

  • pacd61 - Channel Youtube
    pacd61 - 1 month ago

    How is macenroe not fan of the year

  • Chubtato - Channel Youtube
    Chubtato - 1 month ago

    Where was Anthony Davis for DPOY?

  • Glitch Masters - Channel Youtube
    Glitch Masters - 1 month ago

    Smh Anthony Davis,litterally put up the first triple double with blocks instead of assists and he doesn't even get into the voting

  • 5210football - Channel Youtube
    5210football - 1 month ago

    Westbrook on thon maker ??!! Not a top 10 play

  • FranciscanoBalili - Channel Youtube
    FranciscanoBalili - 1 month ago

    Ya'll now Brad Stevens got robbed given what he did with the Boston Wheelcheltics

  • neonpop80 - Channel Youtube
    neonpop80 - 1 month ago

    Power glove?? Subscribed!

  • Jim Frank - Channel Youtube
    Jim Frank - 1 month ago

    kristen is so mf bad holy shit

  • Jacob52805 - Channel Youtube
    Jacob52805 - 1 month ago

    What about Russ dunking on thon for top ten? That was the dunk of the year in my opinion

  • Mara Joyce Lorca - Channel Youtube
    Mara Joyce Lorca - 1 month ago

    Kristen is a great host. She should be the 5th starter. Bones can be 6th man. #TheStarters

  • Mara Joyce Lorca - Channel Youtube
    Mara Joyce Lorca - 1 month ago

    No love for DSJ. Y'all sleeping on him.

  • Mara Joyce Lorca - Channel Youtube
    Mara Joyce Lorca - 1 month ago

    what do u have against kidd's strategies? he is trying to win the game by not letting the other team have a shot at it. u can't blame him for that.

  • nickyvoid - Channel Youtube
    nickyvoid - 1 month ago

    Clint Capela should be in the conversation for DPoY Capela > Draymond Green

  • capedpunker - Channel Youtube
    capedpunker - 1 month ago

    ...what was with the "Psycho" sound effect everytime the graphics came up?

  • MrBlend - Channel Youtube
    MrBlend - 1 month ago

    this is a garbage show. These guys have the worst NBA analysis.

  • Ivo De Gortari - Channel Youtube
    Ivo De Gortari - 1 month ago

    Where was Paul George for defensive player of the year??

  • PowerForward23 - Channel Youtube
    PowerForward23 - 1 month ago

    skeets singing lowkey not that bad