FatBurger XXXL 5 GUYS Burger KILLER

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Published on Oct 03, 2016

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► Information: FatBurger - I am shocked that my Cali FoodieFam did not request this spot over the years. You all pushed so hard for In N Out, which to me does not necessarily hold a candle to 5 Guys but that comes down to location and general opinion. However, FATBURGER?!?! FATBURGER IS THE TRUTH!!!!!
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  • Black King - Channel Youtube
    Black King - 5 hours ago

    I always get the XXXL with egg and a side of onions rings when i go to vegas...soooooo bomb!!!!!

  • L J Goldstein - Channel Youtube
    L J Goldstein - 1 day ago

    Daym all you needed to do was tackle it sloppily nd you did. I can only have a single, kudos to you sir. Your vid dropped into my recommendations i watched it and you made me laugh, instant sub! Bang! That's gotta be love right there my man!!!

  • floex831 - Channel Youtube
    floex831 - 2 days ago

    First time viewer, I'm from Inglewood! FatBurger, WAY better than In-n-Out! 5 Guys blows!

  • Oscar Rivero - Channel Youtube
    Oscar Rivero - 3 days ago


  • El Hazze - Channel Youtube
    El Hazze - 3 days ago

    Suge knight is youtuber now

  • mr bananapeal - Channel Youtube
    mr bananapeal - 3 days ago

    Dat Watch tho

  • blue god - Channel Youtube
    blue god - 3 days ago

    I could smash that burger even tho it would probably kill me lol

  • Jacob Miller - Channel Youtube
    Jacob Miller - 4 days ago

    Here in Omaha Nebraska we have a place called Don and Millie's and I have no clue if any other states have this but they have literally the best burgers perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of grease thinly sliced but not too thin and they're always cooked to perfection they are honestly some of the best burgers I've ever had

  • Gayperson 112 - Channel Youtube
    Gayperson 112 - 4 days ago

    Every bite that he took was satisfying 🤤🤤😊😊

  • Kevin Monaghan - Channel Youtube
    Kevin Monaghan - 4 days ago

    What no bacon?

  • sowwy - Channel Youtube
    sowwy - 4 days ago

    Wow you’re disgusting

  • William Petersen - Channel Youtube
    William Petersen - 4 days ago

    I'm soooooooooooo hungry right now man...

  • Joe Kwong - Channel Youtube
    Joe Kwong - 5 days ago

    I dnt like the relish

  • Frank Lotion - Channel Youtube
    Frank Lotion - 5 days ago

    So many quotables

  • Frank Lotion - Channel Youtube
    Frank Lotion - 5 days ago

    5 guys you number 2 B!

  • Gabriel Amezcua - Channel Youtube
    Gabriel Amezcua - 5 days ago

    Do an aftermath tomorrow morning review

  • Gabriel Amezcua - Channel Youtube
    Gabriel Amezcua - 5 days ago

    You should collab w joeysWorldTour

  • MISHIT KINGS - Channel Youtube
    MISHIT KINGS - 5 days ago

    Got dangggg.. I need to go there.. WTF?

  • Joshua Kaeble - Channel Youtube
    Joshua Kaeble - 5 days ago

    That burger looks absolutely amazing! !!!

  • Truthbetold - Channel Youtube
    Truthbetold - 5 days ago

    I want one..

  • J Canan - Channel Youtube
    J Canan - 6 days ago

    Dude you described Fatburger PERFECTLY!!!!

  • J Canan - Channel Youtube
    J Canan - 6 days ago

    Fatburger is one of the best burgers EVER in my opinion!

  • TheMlgBro Gaming2 - Channel Youtube
    TheMlgBro Gaming2 - 6 days ago


  • Lisa Blamfort - Channel Youtube
    Lisa Blamfort - 6 days ago

    What a lovely guy love you

  • TheGoldenPepper - Channel Youtube
    TheGoldenPepper - 6 days ago

    Hope your heart is okay

  • Sa'eed ali - Channel Youtube
    Sa'eed ali - 6 days ago

    watch out

  • Maiquior83 - Channel Youtube
    Maiquior83 - 6 days ago

    Oh my Lord ! Sweet baby jesus, that's hell of a burger.

  • stormking14687 - Channel Youtube
    stormking14687 - 7 days ago

    good grief you can make your own better at home.

  • Slick Willy - Channel Youtube
    Slick Willy - 7 days ago

    Better than 5 guys, mighty bold statement. Hope I see one near me.

  • Oiryz Alqhtani - Channel Youtube
    Oiryz Alqhtani - 7 days ago

    الله يلعنك صايم 💔💔💔