TKC@LAA: Benches clear after Pujols' RBI double

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Published on Apr 12, 2015

4/12/15: Albert Pujols rips an RBI single into center field and the benches clear after Mike Trout hustles home to score

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  • SOCAL3800 - 4 days ago

    If only Pujols ran that fast between the bases.

  • BluesImprov - 6 days ago

    Ventura is a PUNK!!! But I must say the bullpens running in was ridiculous. . .I mean they're running in side by side. . .What are they gonna do when they get to the infield, turn and start slugging each other? What a joke. . .I'm a longtime fan of the game, but I'm quickly losing interest in the players. . .So many these days are like childish little brats making millions of dollars. . .And then a guy like Ventura mouthin' off like he's some kind of tough guy. . .NOBODY in the major leagues should fear this guy. . .What a puss!!

  • Alik Valenswayla - 7 days ago

    I hate it that every team wears red or blue. Every team looks the same.

  • xxNitroGamingxx - 7 days ago

    Those bullpen guys came out way to late lol

  • Brian Kennedy - 1 week ago

    Take a long time for the bullpens to come out not that there’s a reason to

  • david terrero - 1 week ago

    Poor that boy Ventura, thought he can was being over all things, but the death claimed him. he was a great pitchers, but couldn't manage his proud. RIP.

  • Phillip Ho - 1 week ago

    RIP Yordano "ACE" Ventura

  • ConkeyCrack - 1 week ago

    RIP Ventura but he was a trouble maker

  • 1banana2kiwis - 1 week ago

    Looks so dumb when the bullpens come out running side by side lol. Stay seated in the pen or come out and fight each other in the outfield. Trout shoulda picked that chump up with one arm and tossed him back to the mound.

  • Osly Leopoldo tellez pacheco - 2 weeks ago

    QEPD + Yordano Ventura todo un caballo

  • sheehan planas-arteaga - 2 weeks ago

    Most impressive part of this is that trout scored from first on that

  • Sam Sung - 2 weeks ago

    Whats the point of bp running in. Why dont they have their own thing in the bp.

  • John Cool - 2 weeks ago

    ventura is the biggest coward in sports..hiding behind his fastball all the time..he is a punk to baseball..wasted talent.

  • Nick - 2 weeks ago

    Looks like karma is a bitch Ventura

  • Mike Nelson - 2 weeks ago

    I get that teams get mad and wanna back each other up but I never understood the bullpen getting involved. That’s a hella far jog. I’d be like, I don’t have time for that. I’m gonna sit here and enjoy my Gatorade and snacks lol

  • ReverseDoomsday - 3 weeks ago

    Ventura was such a punk

  • jdspreest - 4 weeks ago

    And this is why Ventura is dead as fuckin fried chicken and Trout’s still kicking ass.... oh too soon?

  • trwent - 1 month ago

    I do not get it, what is Ventura upset about here?

  • Ariel Sanchez - 1 month ago

    Yordano ventura si era freco

  • Randy H - 1 month ago

    If your mess with Trout you got issues.

  • Ricardo Urena - 1 month ago

    Rip Ventura

  • Jimmy Siroki - 2 months ago


  • De-Lariao Pitts - 2 months ago

    Look like crips vs bloods

  • Brayan Paulino - 2 months ago

    Jordano vetura k dios te tega en la gloria

  • Meror Sosa - 3 months ago

    Dios lo tenga en gloria. Pero Ventura tenía un problema de actividad feo.pero tenía un futuro gigante en mlb.

  • DrEp Beast - 4 months ago

    It’s always when Ventura pitches

  • Super Bananners - 4 months ago

    It is so fucking stupid when the bullpen runs out. Every single time.

  • Audrey McMace - 5 months ago

    god ventura is such a bitch that his teammates take him away in arms rather than the other team member lmao

  • Jack Progebin - 5 months ago

    The camera man is a fucking retard. We want to see trout and ventura exchange words not albert pujols running towards them.

  • Larson Markov - 7 months ago

    Ventura is dead good riddance he paid the price