TSony's Clever but Flawed PlayStation Copy Protection--And How They Might Have Fixed It

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Published on Mar 25, 2018

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The original PlayStation is a pretty neat thing. Using the CD as a storage medium was a smart move. But, Sony needed to add anti-piracy features to the disc to prevent miscreants from making bootleg copies of Crash Bandicoot. This video tells the story of how that works, why it wasn’t infallible, and also proposes a potentially impervious solution (24 years late, though).

Here’s that paper on reading optical discs. It’s a good read:

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  • Technology Connections - 4 weeks ago

    TIMESTAMPS for those who just want me to get on with it: 1:22 History of the console 2:12 Importance/impact of optical storage 3:57 Why copy protection was needed 4:30 The black color and why it doesn’t prevent copying 5:14 Sidenote relating to in error in my last video 5:54 *Optical disc tracking systems* <--important bit 7:47 How Sony used the tracking system to tell a real copy from a fake 8:23 Why a standard CD drive can’t see what the PlayStation is looking for 8:56 The ATIP, and a CD Burner’s inability to replicate the copy protection 9:50 Why it’s so easy to circumvent the copy protection 10:41 A somewhat flawed theory on a possible copy prevention scheme 12:52 The obvious reasons Sony didn’t do what was suggested

  • Daivd Jax - 22 minutes ago

    homie add some Deseer to your videos to take you the S sound

  • wardogonzrob - 4 hours ago

    Did you use a CD-R to draw the circle?

  • GTB7979 - 6 hours ago

    Why do I find this interesting?.....Subbed

  • Daniel Ponder - 8 hours ago

    you're a classical music lover, same here!

  • Nuno Oliveira - 8 hours ago

    PlayStation 1 still have the best start up ever from next consoles 2,3 and 4.

  • Andy Fennell - 11 hours ago

    I have a feeling that chipped consoles were officially released by Sony in certain countries where piracy was rampant and real copies were extremely rare.

  • B Wild - 17 hours ago

    You should do one on the Dreamcast

  • Gilles Dhaenens - 19 hours ago

    2:29 Omg ... That takes me back hahahahaha Playing Metal Gear Solid in the hot summer days Good times! Thank u

  • Keelyn1984 - 21 hours ago

    There were also other methods of bypassing the copyright protection other than installing a chip or swapping the disk. People figured out how to write software patches you could apply to your CD images. Also you could plug in certain modules in the module slot(don't know the name of that slot). Both these methods basically forced the psone to skip the software protection scanning during the boot sequence. Sony removed the module slot in later versions of the console for that reason.

  • He Bro - 21 hours ago

    I didn't know Pat Oswald had a twin brother

  • Heisenbergdl - 22 hours ago

    They also made a lot of disks black, I assume to trick the consumer into thinking this type of disk had some more advanced features or was not compatable.

  • Code Red Ghosts Records - 24 hours ago

    Sometimes I hate people haha. Mod chips and shit. Like dude quit being cheap and buy a disc.

  • hunterknight4 - 24 hours ago

    Oh brother you never lived in South America. The only games we had there were pirated games. We got Nes, Snes, Sega etc. all in pirated cartridges even before the American market. We also had the Japanese games too. Official cartridges were expensive as hell and only certain rich kids would own one. But yeah cartridges were super easy to copy over there.

  • Code Red Ghosts Records - 24 hours ago

    This guy is like a gay Frank West.

  • Pinky Brain - 1 day ago

    Oloko bicho, olha o Faustão aí

  • artsandclouds - 2 days ago

    Man, the Chinese copy IC's! All kinds of them, they would have made a burner for that.

  • Zougama - 2 days ago

    boring ...

  • Olipro Zaphod - 2 days ago

    Assuming they went with the larger disc option, unless they made the format and the laser completely incompatible with the CD format (so, no audio-playing capability) I find it doubtful it would prevent piracy - you might need to hack something together in order to be able to read the original-format discs, but once you've done so, only games that wouldn't fit on a standard 700MB disc would be out-of-reach. The rest could be made to work by burning it to a standard CD and employing a modchip that bypasses the "special format" requirement.

  • Carlos Matos - 2 days ago

    The technology that went into electronics we consider old or outdated is pretty amazing.

  • wink1980 - 2 days ago

    you lost me at correcting yourself

  • Dab Hand - 2 days ago

    Just like to through it out there that the PS1 was NOT the first successful console with a CD-rom based system, that is the PC-Engine (NEC) in 1988 that has that accolade.

  • Akujin - 2 days ago

    Interesting idea on the larger CD's. SEGA did something closer to that with their GD-Rom format for the Dreamcast, but instead of bigger they just packed the pits closer. This was thought to be bullet-proof if not for one flaw on the system's hardware. Hope you do a video on this subject and good luck with your channel ^^

  • Derogatory Name - 2 days ago

    Get to the mf point fk

  • PatriotSpade - 3 days ago

    Ok. I can understand using the "give very little information almost to misleading" and then going "Well! Let me clarify" once in the video. But you did it four times in the first 6 minutes and it makes this video really difficult to get through.

  • T Prime - 3 days ago

    Parapa the "Ripoff"Lawl.

  • Omar Aziz - 3 days ago

    3:14 so what? do you have ANY idea how long GTA V Online PC Loading screen is???????

  • X Gen - 3 days ago

    Great information. You Sir earned another sub.

  • tropcm4.6 - 3 days ago

    I run ps1 rayman on ps3

  • Kenneth Stevenson - 3 days ago

    You're wrong. 100% free market is perfect economic policy. Still, a funny joke, and a good video.