Conan Travels - "Conan House-Hunts with Jordan Schlansky" - 7/29/09

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Published on Jun 18, 2015

Conan Travels - "Conan House-Hunts with Jordan Schlansky" - 7/29/09

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  • Patrick Guinnane - Channel Youtube
    Patrick Guinnane - 1 week ago

    he has hit gold dirt with jordan..jeremy clarkson on the UK show Top Gear had the same relationship with his co-hosts, when they got shit canned from the BBC Amazon bought their next show for 250 million dollars for a 3 year deal. The clincher was the real life chemistry that cant be replicated. If I was Conan i would be looking for ways to dovetail the talk show into a bit of a real life "adventure" series with jordan mixed in with the traditional talk show vibe...he should watch top gear uk pre 2015 to see what i am talking about.

  • stuna101a - Channel Youtube
    stuna101a - 1 week ago

    Jordan was baling back then, now he mysteriously has a full head of hair when he really should be a chrome dome.....interesting.

  • Fatemeh - Channel Youtube
    Fatemeh - 1 week ago

    The speed of Conan's wit is unmatched!! Legend

  • Zeeshan Mahmud - Channel Youtube
    Zeeshan Mahmud - 1 week ago

    I died.

  • Dat Boi - Channel Youtube
    Dat Boi - 1 week ago

    Why does Jordan have a Gucci belt?

  • oberon79 - Channel Youtube
    oberon79 - 2 weeks ago

    2009 fashion already looking as ridiculous as 90s fashion

  • Donnie Brasco - Channel Youtube
    Donnie Brasco - 3 weeks ago

    0:50 I like how she laughed.She's a keeper.

  • mynameis bob - Channel Youtube
    mynameis bob - 1 month ago

    "toilet trained by gianni versacci" LMAO

  • Roy Batty - Channel Youtube
    Roy Batty - 1 month ago

    He's toilet trained by Giani Versaci lol.....

  • PazzoLucas - Channel Youtube
    PazzoLucas - 1 month ago

    Someone needs to edit that bit with Jordan walking out with fire around the set like it is the end of the World and all that is left is him

  • Ashemak Effem - Channel Youtube
    Ashemak Effem - 1 month ago

    Damn Conan, mean

  • Capitano Americo - Channel Youtube
    Capitano Americo - 1 month ago

    I could taser you into the throath! Conan, I love you!

  • Hedgpig - Channel Youtube
    Hedgpig - 1 month ago

    Jordan Schlansky, lying in a bed with a buxom woman: "I don't feel like it identifies with my energy"

  • abundantYOUniverse - Channel Youtube
    abundantYOUniverse - 1 month ago

    He is the real stefan.

  • Max Gustafsson - Channel Youtube
    Max Gustafsson - 1 month ago


  • Firas Ziada - Channel Youtube
    Firas Ziada - 1 month ago


  • ScoopMeisterGeneral - Channel Youtube
    ScoopMeisterGeneral - 1 month ago

    "I want it to be sexy." "Sexy. I'll find it." "I want it." "Let's do it." Worst. Sex talk. Ever.

  • Michael Auger - Channel Youtube
    Michael Auger - 1 month ago

    Bullshit Jordan that was a Cutco knife.

  • Candy Re - Channel Youtube
    Candy Re - 1 month ago

    Jordan looks like a mix between Nikki Sixx and Emo.

  • matt smith - Channel Youtube
    matt smith - 1 month ago

    I think I speak for most people I could listen to Jordan for HOURS I find him very intriguing.

  • Bönzeaux Bleügreen - Channel Youtube
    Bönzeaux Bleügreen - 1 month ago

    Conan has a crush on jordan

  • Tails Playz - Channel Youtube
    Tails Playz - 1 month ago

    Conan just said Smart and Dumb. Yeah, it's the other way around. xD

  • Kangaroo life - Channel Youtube
    Kangaroo life - 2 months ago

    Gucci belt

  • zebrazxx - Channel Youtube
    zebrazxx - 2 months ago

    Schlansky seems like a very good sport.

  • Papa succ - Channel Youtube
    Papa succ - 2 months ago

    Jordan had a Gucci belt 5:33

  • Eric Sell - Channel Youtube
    Eric Sell - 2 months ago

    Seriously, why was this guy not the Young Spock in the new Star Trek movies?? He's such a natural I question his humanity!

  • Chan Woo - Channel Youtube
    Chan Woo - 2 months ago


  • deejayxcrypt - Channel Youtube
    deejayxcrypt - 2 months ago

    Jordan is quite genius actually :)

  • noob 3365 - Channel Youtube
    noob 3365 - 2 months ago

    Conan and criss angel

  • racervinay1 - Channel Youtube
    racervinay1 - 2 months ago

    Stop wearing the same jacket Conan