TLeBron James and Shaq as Teammates In Cleveland!

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Published on Mar 31, 2017

In honor of LeBron passing Shaq on the all time scoring list, take a look at some of the best from their time as teammates in Cleveland!

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  • Haywood Jablomy - 2 hours ago

    Shaq was there? Ha funny because i never noticed. Cause he did jackshit there

  • coldgunna_ _ - 23 hours ago

    Instead of fixing Kobe’s bricks, prime Shaq and LeBron would’ve clicked way better

  • Michael Jordan - 1 day ago

    LeBron was very explosive.

  • Sean Dolan - 2 days ago

    Shaq was beyond out of shape here... so sad

  • Errol Spence Jr. - 3 days ago

    As a Cavs fan, I didn't know Shaq played with Cavs smh

  • Errol Spence Jr. - 3 days ago

    Kobe + Shaq = 3 rings D Wade + Shaq = 1 ring Lebron + Shaq = 0 ring Lol

  • Jason Yapranata - 4 days ago

    If they’re both in prime time multiple rings confirmed

  • Isaiah Thomas - 4 days ago

    I would say I'm a knock out Shaq BUT HIS AS WOULD EAT ME.

  • Anthony Torres - 5 days ago

    Am I real

  • truckinforjesus - 5 days ago

    My gawd Shaq was fat!

  • Gabok Almighty - 5 days ago

    Lebron James is with Shaq and he didn't even get a ring? what a trash! smh

  • Elijah Doby - 6 days ago


  • Forgiven Sinner - 1 week ago

    They played well together! Too bad it was at the end of Shaq's career.

  • ExclusiveMovement - 1 week ago

    Only issue was shaq was old and his free throws had he been younger he and lebron would’ve had a ring

  • Jhonatan Diaz - 1 week ago


  • Dragon Baller 21 - 2 weeks ago

    Wait so lebron couldn’t get a ring with shaq?????

  • MistahUnknown - 2 weeks ago

    MJ and Kobe fans need to be thankful Shaq wasn't 25 years old when he came to Cleveland. 6 straight rings. Easily

  • Benelio Perez - 2 weeks ago

    Muy buena jugadas


    If Shaq was about 3 years younger when in Cleveland,Bron woulda had one 1early.

  • BarbecueBoy - 2 weeks ago

    I remember telling friends Shaq was on the Cavs and they didn’t believe me

  • mccraejoey82 - 2 weeks ago

    of shaq was young with lbj man oh man

  • Bacwood ReddollA - 2 weeks ago

    was Shaq good on Cleveland?

  • M A K O - 2 weeks ago

    they had potential together- but shaq was a shadow of himself and not at all motivated to win.

  • Myke Robs - 3 weeks ago

    How the hell did these two not win a ring

  • merio - 3 weeks ago

    the ignorance of the kids in the comment section is ridiculous! this wasn't even that long ago

  • Layman Kilgo - 3 weeks ago

    I would have loved to seen shaq in his prime with lebron.

  • Tomas Karpenko - 3 weeks ago

    Sometimes he played for magic; for lakers ; and celtics but cavs i newer see he play to cavs 🤔

  • Tomas Karpenko - 3 weeks ago

    Saquil cavs team player i never to know this new

  • demoCRIPS & reBLOODlicans 1 - 3 weeks ago

    Damn lebron was sooooo explosive in those days. Looks like a bigger taller Westbrook!

  • - - 3 weeks ago

    if shaq was in his prime playing with a young lebron who knows what that team would've done