TMy Little Sister Reviews Urban Decay HiFi Lip Gloss! || Unboxing

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Published on Apr 10, 2018

In honor of National Siblings Day, I let my sister Maggie take over and make a vid! How did she do?
Watch me react to my first video:

(BTW these lip glosses are from Urban Decay)


This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!

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  • Tish Glorioso - 2 days ago

    Fuel looked so good on u 10/10

  • Rachel Foeller - 4 days ago


  • maggie allen - 4 days ago

    Hello Maggie I am also Maggie ✌

  • KatsObsession - 4 days ago

    Maggie is the best!

  • TheTalentedMoron - 5 days ago

    I think your sister is smart, cute, and amazing. I'm probably the worst thing that could happen to her other than anyone else.

  • Andrew Alexander - 5 days ago :D

  • Mitch Harris - 5 days ago

    Your sister is insane and adorable. She also shares alot of mannerisms with you.

  • Jessica Donahue - 5 days ago

    Maggie is so cute! You two are such cute sisters!

  • Ella Howson - 6 days ago

    is Maggie single and queer hook me up Hannah please

  • Kassidy McAnally - 6 days ago

    Haha Maggie. "My clavical??!!" Like same

  • Angelina Surface - 6 days ago

    Maggie is so beautiful 😍

  • MariahTheBudd - 7 days ago

    Mini version of Hannah hart

  • joey's is god - 7 days ago

    she is cute

  • jerkygirlx - 7 days ago

    Magi dos have a natural YouTube voice. And she watches simplynailogical notice how she never says Holographic she uses correct terms.

  • Domestic Goddess - 7 days ago

    Maggie should do all your product reviews. She’s amazing.

  • Paige - 7 days ago

    I absolutely love Maggie! More more! YOu guys are so cute and funny together!

  • Olivia Giles - 7 days ago

    she has a gorgeous mouth

  • Chubby Cupcakez - 1 week ago

    Oh my goodness she is adorable!!!

  • Ash- Bob - 1 week ago

    “The mouth really is just a hole into the body.” Profound wisdom.

  • Stephen Weiss - 1 week ago

    Maggie you are GREAT

  • Ness Ahhh__ - 1 week ago

    Did Maggie mouth *beautiful*

  • Que Estamos Haciendo? - 1 week ago

    What zodiac sign is Maggie?

  • u140550 - 1 week ago

    I'd love for her to have her own YouTube!!!

  • Alicia Norris - 1 week ago

    9:47-end of video is me with my nieces! Lol! They are little (Ha! They're 12 & 14, but I'm 31, so...) beauty gurus! They watch all the things, are beautiful & know their shizz; I'm just their awkward aunt who let's them do whatever they want to me! ❤ Family Love is the best. 😝😊

  • Chels Wilfong - 1 week ago

    This video I think is one of my favourites! You and Maggie are so cute 😭💖

  • dave birch - 1 week ago

    id give Meggie 8 smooches

  • lenore 1234 - 1 week ago

    Maggie is so charming and sweet!!

  • Teddy Golberg - 1 week ago

    I love Maggie!!! She cute m and I would Wacth her if she had a channel and that is saying something I don’t Wacth any beauty Gru but I would Wacth her!!!

  • HAlC11235 - 1 week ago

    I have ZERO interest in lip gloss, but I'll watch the whole video for Maggie and Hannah interactions. :)

  • realisticidealist - 1 week ago

    This video is such cool timing for me because I just had some great Burrata so I rewatched the chicken caprese not salad MDK with Maggie in it. Then I went to her channel and watched several videos. It's kinda weird to think, "awww she's she's all grown up!" But my brother is graduating high school in May and he's almost 19. And we had such a nice, low key siblings' day. I don't typically watch beauty vlogs, but this was so great. Helpful, interesting, and funny. And I love that you mostly stayed off camera and let her do her thing.