73 Questions with Victoria Beckham

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Published on Jan 08, 2015

Victoria Beckham has a new store in London, is married to one of the dreamiest men in the world, and lives next door to Valentino. What more could a girl want? Keep watching.

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73 Questions with Victoria Beckham

Created by: Joe Sabia
Director of Photography: Vincent Peone
Produced By: Original Media

Categoy: Howto & Style

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  • Kami Reed Walter - Channel Youtube
    Kami Reed Walter - 3 hours ago


  • Emily Hunt - Channel Youtube
    Emily Hunt - 5 hours ago

    Love her!!

  • S C - Channel Youtube
    S C - 10 hours ago

    Self absorbed and vacuous.  Thought this interview would indicate substance.

  • Akvile S - Channel Youtube
    Akvile S - 10 hours ago

    Her voice annoys me 😂

  • Tiana Losado - Channel Youtube
    Tiana Losado - 19 hours ago

    Napa valley!!!

  • Anne Xiety - Channel Youtube
    Anne Xiety - 22 hours ago

    *pOsiTIVe EnerGy*

  • raulmmusik - Channel Youtube
    raulmmusik - 1 day ago

    Wow this is so fake, clearly she knew all the questions, plus the whole marketing deal ...meh

  • Xele Van Z - Channel Youtube
    Xele Van Z - 2 days ago


  • Ferrari Hall - Channel Youtube
    Ferrari Hall - 2 days ago

    She is my spirit animal

  • Rose Wilde - Channel Youtube
    Rose Wilde - 2 days ago

    “What’s your favourite spice?” “Posh” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Teresa Tokyo - Channel Youtube
    Teresa Tokyo - 2 days ago

    I love her

  • Robert Ramirez - Channel Youtube
    Robert Ramirez - 2 days ago

    I like that she doesn’t know how to go in for a hug.

  • Leila Moorhouse - Channel Youtube
    Leila Moorhouse - 3 days ago

    I do love Vicki. .....but living in the states as obviously gone to her head.

  • Vaishakha Singh - Channel Youtube
    Vaishakha Singh - 4 days ago

    0:10 was that a fly ?

  • Lynn Koech - Channel Youtube
    Lynn Koech - 4 days ago

    Did she say she would love to go to Kenya yeeeeeah!!! Kenya my country welcome to our Magical country Victoria

  • Yaya - Channel Youtube
    Yaya - 4 days ago

    Coco Chanel,the bulldog ,who lives in LA lol I wanna swap lives with her

  • RS de Ridder - Channel Youtube
    RS de Ridder - 4 days ago

    That coaaat

  • Rubycel Cruz Alcalá - Channel Youtube
    Rubycel Cruz Alcalá - 4 days ago

    La amo, ella debería ser la sucesora de Ana Wintour, son geniales en lo que hacen

  • Squid Worth - Channel Youtube
    Squid Worth - 4 days ago

    wow shes aged terribly, i remember she used to be so cute and had the cutest voice... now.. not so much

  • dolaporn jantarawet - Channel Youtube
    dolaporn jantarawet - 4 days ago


  • Ranbir Singh - Channel Youtube
    Ranbir Singh - 5 days ago

    plz plz do it with BRITNEY SPEARS

  • Alexandra Hunter - Channel Youtube
    Alexandra Hunter - 5 days ago

    Fake af

  • boss playaa - Channel Youtube
    boss playaa - 5 days ago

    Kenya 🇰🇪 the motherland

  • African Beauty - Channel Youtube
    African Beauty - 6 days ago

    Welcome to kenya Victoria

  • Gaia Myaphoenix - Channel Youtube
    Gaia Myaphoenix - 7 days ago

    A handfull of emptyness!

  • Παναγιώτης Παππάς - Channel Youtube
    Παναγιώτης Παππάς - 1 week ago

    At first, I thought she was a cold hearted b*tchi,but she must be really sweet and lovely

  • simply anne - Channel Youtube
    simply anne - 1 week ago

    Welcome to kenya

  • うちはInori - Channel Youtube
    うちはInori - 1 week ago

    she is so lovely

  • Lynet Audi - Channel Youtube
    Lynet Audi - 1 week ago

    Awww...she did visit kenya...happy to have been part of the team

  • Sam Galea - Channel Youtube
    Sam Galea - 1 week ago

    Lool so stuck up