THow to Make a GIANT Grilled Cheese

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

Happy Grilled Cheese Day! The only way to make a grilled cheese perfect is by making it GIANT.

This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!

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  • Lizz Locke - 6 hours ago

    Woah! That turned out amazing! Hannah both of your books just arrived and I am so excited!!

  • Lauren Ridgwell - 14 hours ago

    It's looks so gross though 😭 I don't get why American 'grilled cheese' has like bright yellow cheese

  • Tish Glorioso - 1 day ago

    Hannah hart in....EPIC MEAL TIME lol

  • Sharon Galvan - 2 days ago

    where’s the BUTTERRRRRR

  • Rayne Hellfire - 2 days ago


  • Nora F - 2 days ago

    You have come so far from your fried cheeseless sourdough days! This one is a beauty!

  • Nicklas Nylander - 2 days ago

    Buup buup 😭😭😭

  • Kaitlin Dils - 3 days ago

    Also, American Cheese all day. I don't care how processed it is, that is the best ingredient for grilled cheese.

  • Kaitlin Dils - 3 days ago

    Egg wash the edges while sticking them together to make them stick better 👍👍

  • Gabrielle Fullhart - 3 days ago

    I...i think you made a quiche. Like all cheese, a lil egg, crust...quiche

  • Bret Reed - 3 days ago

    Good lord, there is nothing appetizing about that sandwich. A for effort though, lol

  • Megan Yankovsky - 3 days ago


  • Andrea Gibbs - 3 days ago

    Still here and still loving it.

  • Adric Northam - 3 days ago

    thank you, thank you sooooooooo much for not using american cheese

  • Aarnts Rocks - 4 days ago

    Help me Im lactose intolerant and have severe reflux while sitting here watching her make and eat something I can't have Help me

  • Andrew Foster - 4 days ago

    Butter yo' shhht!

  • Sam Jones - 4 days ago

    You finally buttered yo shit... WITH CHEESE. Beautiful.

  • TheMilomack - 4 days ago

    My favorite vid is your first. “Remember when making grilled cheese, don’t forget the cheese” ha ha

  • Girl1617 - 5 days ago


  • Kawaii Melody - 5 days ago

    to be honest, nothing about this is appetizing. however, this series makes me feel 100000X better about my cooking skills, so I gave you a thumbs up.

  • ringwraith10 - 5 days ago

    Okay, but you didn't make a GRILLED cheese -- you made a BAKED cheese...

  • Sara Francis - 5 days ago

    Somehow YouTube UNSUBSCRIBED ME. What the fuck? I went to go turn on post notifications because I wasn’t getting your videos and it said I wasn’t subscribed! Even though I’ve been subscribed since Butta Yo Shit!

  • abuz abuz - 5 days ago

    stupid cunt

  • Marissa Noelle - 5 days ago

    good work my brother. I am here since the beginning

  • Ashley Panda - 5 days ago

    yayyyy you remembered the bread



  • Yourdailydoseof Halsey - 5 days ago

    You know that moment when you start to innapropprietly laugh in wierd settings? That’s what Hannah’s intro will make me do🤣🤣

  • Sara Rabbermann - 5 days ago

    Right but where’s the worlds biggest bowl or tomato soup

  • Lexi Mire - 5 days ago

    been hanging out since your very first video! thanks for being you!

  • PortersMob - 5 days ago

    So its been a while since Ive watched any of her videos, but as a carpenter, I am seriously distracted by the gap in the upper cabinets thats basically center frame for 50% of the time.