TWhite Wolf, Black Panther, War Machine Mark 4 & Nebula Empire Reveals

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Published on Mar 20, 2018

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Categoy: Entertainment

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  • rogerio maria - 4 weeks ago

    The king is here

  • Hamzah Iftikhar - 4 weeks ago

    cool team

  • Richard Morales - 4 weeks ago

    Bro its tha winter soldier don't start with that shit yet

  • Happy DC Fan - 4 weeks ago

    You should cover the new han solo posters without blasters

  • John Woody - 4 weeks ago

    Black panther and white wolf sounds very racist

  • O K - 4 weeks ago

    T'challa doesn't need an updated look. Keep his traditional lol.

  • Beej J - 4 weeks ago

    They're always trying to get some sort of 'face' on a lot of the comic costumes upper torso these days (esp. Iron man and War machine, lol.

  • Tramaine Terrance - 4 weeks ago

    Some more bad-ass covers. Marvel is marketing the shit outta this film. This is good, because everyone and their momma are gonna see this film. Yep. Everyone in the world is gonna end up in debt, watching the film 30 times. That's right. Marvel has made us all crazy. TERRANCE OUT

  • LeonTheLost - 4 weeks ago

    Bucky's jacket is like Loki in Thor 3

  • André - 4 weeks ago

    Notice it's like a team metal focused with ... Bucky , Black Panther , War Machine and Nebula... awesome !

  • J.L. Sprinkles - 4 weeks ago

    Wow, anyone see how Nebula can look similar to Bucky with having a left metal arm

  • Spawn3X5 - 1 month ago

    Bucky is only white wolf if he has A suit of his own no temporary bs

  • General Resh - 1 month ago

    War MACHINE LOOKS DOOOPE So Glad he's my fav hero

  • Lamar Azmoe - 1 month ago

    I hate Bucky, Hawkeye and Black widow; humans out superpowers in

  • Herc Zeus - 1 month ago

    Why don't you just change the name of the channel to DisneyMarvelCast2 already.

  • Scarfie - 1 month ago

    I just noticed that Nebula an Bucky both have robot arms😂😂

  • E.D. Rodríguez - 1 month ago

    I wanna see the white wolf and nebula Makin a arm wrestling, who would win?

  • Sebastian Vargas - 1 month ago

    Why is Luke Skywalker in this poster?

  • greenbeancom38 - 1 month ago

    !!! Hell Yeah !!!

  • LitCaveman - 1 month ago

    I like how the war machine armor is more bulky and how they are adding all of that red to it. They other characters look good too.

  • Roy Martin Tandberg - 1 month ago

    I never realized that Nebula had a robot arm as well as Bucky!

  • josceline Sandoval - 1 month ago

    War machine is badass

  • octo pi - 1 month ago

    Bucky looks really good here

  • TheRealCSD - 1 month ago

    I dont get the white wolf name change. That name doesnt fit him. Maybe if his clothes were changed to white

  • Bonk Caesar - 1 month ago

    I want to see Strange, T'Challa, Tony in a pic together....Illuminati!!!!

  • suckerp991 - 1 month ago

    They should have switched Nebula and Bucky in place so we can see his beautiful new arm.

  • Leslie Knope - 1 month ago

    The name War Machine fits so well now.

  • 90s comics box - 1 month ago

    I think Nick fury is sending Hawkeye to save/release Capt. Marvel

  • ElGuerrero3199 - 1 month ago

    Why is War Machine so bullyied? :')

  • FatherOfAfrica - 1 month ago

    You know something i am pissed off i am 100% Nigerian born in England mostly raised in Nigeria Lagos State and Delta State and speak my tribes language and i have loved Comic Books forever( i read Marvel,DC, Image Comics etc) you would think with the amount of people and their parents that the sales for Black Panther would go up in comics but even on February(Black History Month and Black Panthers Premiere Month)the comics still sold atrociously and that the current main series the spin off comic books sold even worst and lets not talk about Black Panther and The Crew which got cancelled after two issues a while back. It really annoys me cause i stuck through all these spin offs and Main series and am a true fan but literally everyone else who claims to be a fan doesn't even touch the comics. But i bet you that if Marvel decides to cancel it because its not selling well at all that it would suddenly become a race war or people saying 'Marvel Comics are racist' when clearly they have never even bothered in reading the Comic Books and complain about everything if they want to make a change all they have to do is spend 4 dollars or so on a comic for themselves, their child,maybe a random kid on the street but every single comic counts. The same type of people will say they want Oprah to be President but arent willing to spend 10 Dollars to watch a Wrinkle In Time in Theaters lol Welcome to 2018