TTesla Model 3 Long Range Review: So close to perfect

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Published on Jan 26, 2018

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Tesla's hyped Model 3 is finally here and we have a full review:
Spoiler alert: it's great, but it isn't perfect.

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  • Anagnostis anagnostou - 2 days ago

    so far from perfection, that bmw will kill tesla in 5-10 years, this is a plastic electric toy, the first long range bmw and specialy mercedes would be so close to a real quality EV. tesla cars have this CHEAP FEELING... that eventualy they will be lost in time when the major car companies lunch their EV models... just like apples iphone eliminate NOKIA, ERICSON, ALCATEL ...

  • nitelite78 - 3 days ago

    Wait a sec. If it's raining lightly and you turn on the wipers then it starts raining heavily you have to change it on the panel? That sounds bad. What about voice commands?

  • Toro Cars - 3 days ago

    Tesla is more of a technology company than car manufacturing company. Tesla have brilliant people designing tech but has zero talent in manufacturing or even safely engineering and designing a car. The build quality of model 3 are horrendous. Structurally and design the model 3 is also very unsafe according to 40 year crash test engineer. Look for that video of him reviewing the unsafe design of model 3 in youtube. He compared Teslas build quality mistakes like of Hyundai cars in 90s!

  • staaaajn - 4 days ago

    Destination charge... What's that?

  • Graeme Mudie - 4 days ago

    My Renault senic has keyless entry and is 2years old and you don’t have to tap it anywhere just have it in your pocket.

  • BRBallin1 - 5 days ago

    That's not a car. That's a computer with wheels.

  • John Cahill - 6 days ago

    I came for the "long range review" and got a simplistic introduction. First third was wasted on quibbling about how this particular car is more than $35,000. Gee, nobody has ever mentioned that before. Also annoying that he's intimating that the glass roof will be a problem in Summer heat, while also pointing out that it's not a problem with the S. This seems to be all production value, no content...I couldn't get past the first half. Too bad too, I'm looking for a good long range review in anticipation of receiving my car in a couple months.

  • Alrukitaf - 7 days ago

    At 16 seconds piqued (pronounced “peeked”, I believe, not “piked”.

  • David Will - 1 week ago

    Every review I've seen has the same complaints about the center display and lack of traditional controls/displays. Perhaps Tesla is looking forward a bit more than the reviewers and has a design that is more practical for an autonomous vehicle. Maybe they want to offer a vehicle that truly stands the test of time.

  • Wade McLure - 2 weeks ago

    Meh, get a Chevy Bolt... Not as pretty, but also not a big pile of plastic garbage.

  • Jim Batey - 2 weeks ago

    People who buy Teslas are just trying to make a statement. Model 3 is a turd.

  • Jim Batey - 2 weeks ago

    Cooley is much better.

  • Jim Batey - 2 weeks ago

    This guy calls it a Tezla.

  • Life Goes - 3 weeks ago

    So close to perfection...except it looks hideous, outdated, and bland.

  • pigknickers - 3 weeks ago

    It's the 35k car that goes for 57k. The rebates are disappearing and the build quality is 'problematic' to say the least. It's a 21st century Delorean - wake up people!

  • Mike Ivsin - 3 weeks ago

    Nice review. This car's interior is close to a work cubicle on wheels and as ugly as hell.

  • Cliff Gamer007 - 4 weeks ago

    Where's my man Brian Cooley?

  • Emh0303 - 4 weeks ago

    That intro music sounds like Stranger Things haha

  • CarGuynAZ - 1 month ago

    Anyone know what background music is at the beginning or is that something custom for this video??

  • s3xyScorp - 1 month ago

    Like Tesla,,hate the pricey options,,and that stupid screen,,there should be physical buttons for wipers hvac and radio and outside miror adjustment..Best advantage over other ev cars is Tesla Supercharger network,,until other car makers do similar network chargers,Tesla has no reall competition

  • Tomek Z - 1 month ago

    why subtitles are not available?

  • cece 33 - 1 month ago

    they should re price the extra money you add near double the 35$ is crazy

  • Cherry Pip - 1 month ago

    Please stop doing reviews. You are bad at it. Someone had to tell you.

  • Jeremy - 1 month ago

    $57,500?..... yea..... no thanks

  • George Puiul - 1 month ago

    That car is hideous, the front looks like a freakin frog, then the stupid ass screen and the dashboard makes is look so shit. I don't necessarily disagree with putting an electric motor in a car but the design is just stupid.

  • hello world - 1 month ago

    Anyone know the name of the music?

  • ruanfernando - 1 month ago

    I keep wondering what will happen when cars like this break down. You'll have to send it back to Tesla? Throw it in the trash? Imagine buying a 5-year-old used car (probably not common in the US, but very common in my country...), eventually it'll need repairing

  • Brandon Espejo Garcia - 1 month ago

    I like this car alot pitty i am a student. It would be super cool if the navi and speeds could be projected in a special area of the front glass. A solar roof would also been amasing especial in countrys with alot off sunlight.

  • MisterBinx - 1 month ago

    They could easily do software updates where things like follow distance are adjustable by those scrollers on the wheel. That's kind of a weak criticism.

  • Teemu M. - 1 month ago

    You all know that, 1. electric cars are not feasible, 2. they are too slow, 3. the batteries may catch fire if damaged 4. fail in cold or hot climates, 5. it recharges the batteries by coal and oil power plants 6. electric cars are funny looking and gimmicky, 7. it is best to stick with traditional hybrid cars, 8. the technology is not there yet 9. they are trying to hoax you to pay deposits, which you will never see, while Tesla will mysteriously disappear, just like all the other concept car makers. 10. Not to mention legitimate road safety, as these toy box cars are far below the regulations. 11. They say that there will be no electric car for another 30, maybe 50 years. 12. consumers don´t really want to waste time charging longer than filling a gas tank, 13. the elite chooses hydrogen fuel, which they can keep from threatening oil for another 15 or 30 years. 14. 300 miles per day is not enough for commuting.