TC++ Programming: Intro to Arrays Part I

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Published on Jun 26, 2012

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Introduction to Arrays in C++
What is an array?
Uses of an array structure
Syntax for creating arrays, assigning values to arrays and traversing arrays

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c++ arrays creating an array traversing arrays elements of an array

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    please answer this qution how to program 10 numbers sort by even or odd

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    that means that I could use an array to set more than 1 number/word to a variable?

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    how do i make an array in which the values are inputed by the user and which can carry as many values as it can and the values can be modified and calculated(like sum,division multiply etc). or it cant be made ?? someone plz answer. lang : python, c++

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    well this was really helpful for me but I have a question that when I practiced arrays I wrote something like this   float rainfall [5] and then I stored an integer type value in 2nd element and it didn't gave any error so kindly tell me that how can we specify an array to a particular type like integer or floatsorry for bad english

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