Is it bad to hold your pee? - Heba Shaheed

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Published on Oct 10, 2016

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Humans should urinate at least four to six times a day, but occasionally, the pressures of modern life force us to clench and hold it in. How bad is this habit, and how long can our bodies withstand it? Heba Shaheed takes us inside the bladder to find out.

Lesson by Heba Shaheed, animation by Artrak Studio.

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    Why does it reduce the chance of needing the chance to urin when we run or do social activities with our legs?

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    Due to some nuerological problem,I was unable to urinate even though I sensed the pressure building up. But genius me, I didn't consult doctor . After about 15hours. The pain was unberable so I went into emergency room where they did and ultrasound. I was diagnosed with hydronephrosis that is urine had started building up in Kidney. And hence swelling of kidney. And when catheter was inserted. The volume of urine measured up to 1300ml.

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