TMayhem Miller Walks Off The MMA Hour Set

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Published on Oct 08, 2012

Jason "Mayhem" Miller dropped by Monday's MMA Hour as Lucky Patrick, his character on 'Here Comes the Boom.' The former UFC fighter refused to answer questions outside of his character.

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  • Ian Kirby - 22 hours ago

    You clowns look up Andy Kaufman and you will understand how goddamned funny this is.

  • David O'Connor - 2 days ago

    Looks like Miller's attempt at staying in character using part of the "method acting" system. I'll say this much - he's no Daniel Day-Lewis.

  • mab m - 3 days ago

    hes not very funny is he when he is trying to be funny ariel was scared though. i guess that was funny.

  • A Jackson - 4 days ago

    Yeah he does need some help though just mental stuff I think

  • Joachim Petersson - 4 days ago

    This is just SO wierd!

  • Gregory McLemen - 5 days ago

    Mayhem who????

  • Prozak - 1 week ago

    Masterful troll on Millers part. This is him playing a character to the extreme.

  • Rico GBR - 1 week ago

    Whatever this dude is on I WANT SOME bet This boa got bullied his who time in school and THEN BOOM. Look what happened

  • Tyler Lee MMA - 1 week ago

    Sounds like he's been doing coke and drinking. Lol. Otherwise he has some brain damage from fighting.

  • Chad Williams - 2 weeks ago

    I read the internets

  • Andhika Ramaputra - 2 weeks ago

    This guy absolutely on coke .. wkwkwkwkw

  • BazzoFX - 2 weeks ago

    You won't believe what just happened. I found some interesting information about Conor McGregor.

  • Justlike Thomas - 2 weeks ago

    An idiots interpretation of Andy Kaufman.

  • Keyboard Warrior - 2 weeks ago

    First search after this video :

  • Gavin Byrne - 2 weeks ago

    That’s one traumatized individual

  • Troy Tegen - 2 weeks ago

    That dude is certifiable... Ariel should have been legit anxious.

  • Darnel Henderson - 2 weeks ago

    he is "in character" and probably a drinker as well

  • rock dog - 2 weeks ago

    He needs rehab.

  • Josh Markley - 3 weeks ago

    He got hit in the head 1 to many times

  • Jack Weaver - 3 weeks ago


  • TMTG Surge - 3 weeks ago

    when you're such a good actor you get everyone from a YouTube video comments section to hate you 💀💀

  • Douglas Nowland - 4 weeks ago

    What a joke he is. And I used to like him.

  • Ausra tamulytė - 4 weeks ago

    He looks like he is on coke yo

  • jayson flood - 4 weeks ago

    Poor guy to many hits to the head NEEDS HELP

  • Evangelos - 4 weeks ago

    That looked slightly like meth.

  • Sean Lee - 4 weeks ago

    Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug

  • L - 1 month ago

    KFB ... kentucky fried brains

  • Evan Pomerenke - 1 month ago

    This is what happens when you get punched in the head too many times

  • DWokquail - 1 month ago

    first time ive ever seen this guy. im guessing this was his attempt at humour but then he was just too stupid to be funny and realized no thought he was funny, so he got mad like a child.

  • D Cowboys - 1 month ago

    The composure of Ariel lol. I would have lipped off early in that interview and got punched in the face.