Femme Lesbian Struggles

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Published on Jun 16, 2017

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  • Aleksandra Kałuzińska - Channel Youtube
    Aleksandra Kałuzińska - 3 days ago

    Just one more from me: " I am sure you have not met the right guy yet" ... super frequent :D

  • Oldsoul87 - Channel Youtube
    Oldsoul87 - 4 days ago

    What a waste

  • sharon robilotto - Channel Youtube
    sharon robilotto - 1 week ago

    Cammie Scott I told my best friend that i'm a lesbian she turned around and told other kids in my school now everyone in my school look at me with discuss on their faces no one will talk to me anymore was i wrong to say anything at all?

  • Mandy's Funky Pops - Channel Youtube
    Mandy's Funky Pops - 1 week ago

    I'm not femme or butch. But im not pretty. So i dont have a lot of these problems.

  • Catherine Pelealu - Channel Youtube
    Catherine Pelealu - 2 weeks ago

    im totally gay.. hahaha 😁 love your channel. 👍👍👍

  • Kaylee Boos - Channel Youtube
    Kaylee Boos - 2 weeks ago

    I hate all the reactions of being gay... Like it's my fault or, a CHOICE... Like, WTF it isn't a CHOICE!😭

  • Infinite Vibes - Channel Youtube
    Infinite Vibes - 2 weeks ago

    7:26 - 7:28 “Hey, me, Gay” 😂😂 lol that was so funny and cute hahaha

  • Zoe 101 - Channel Youtube
    Zoe 101 - 2 weeks ago

    this video is so iconic

  • Jeremy Cooper - Channel Youtube
    Jeremy Cooper - 2 weeks ago

    As a straight married white man, I would just like to comment for a second. I'm sorry for your struggle. The LGBTQ+ community isn't new anymore and I don't understand why people still have issues with it. A person that i consider a friend just tweeted this video out and said " Whelp, there is my life in10 minutes." I legit have tears thinking about that for her. I'm trying to be a strong ally for the LGBTQ+ community, any advice?

  • Eva Mckeown - Channel Youtube
    Eva Mckeown - 2 weeks ago

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  • Morgan McCaffrey - Channel Youtube
    Morgan McCaffrey - 2 weeks ago

    My girlfriend and I were dancing at a club and all the guys kept asking for a threesome. No thank you!

  • InoHimeYa - Channel Youtube
    InoHimeYa - 3 weeks ago

    I am a femme les, so related. Thank you

  • Underrated Critic - Channel Youtube
    Underrated Critic - 3 weeks ago

    I bet that butch woman was badly hurt by a femme lesbian. That's why she was being so salty.

  • Gaming Stewie - Channel Youtube
    Gaming Stewie - 3 weeks ago

    It does not matter what gender you love as long as your happy , your soo pretty <3

  • Cleide Ventura - Channel Youtube
    Cleide Ventura - 3 weeks ago

    Brazil ;)

  • Phoebe Lettington - Channel Youtube
    Phoebe Lettington - 3 weeks ago

    shes femme shes a lesbian she struggles

  • prit zhei elle - Channel Youtube
    prit zhei elle - 4 weeks ago

    on point... relate much☺️

  • War Paint by Tara - Channel Youtube
    War Paint by Tara - 4 weeks ago

    Im stright however have been hit on by the ladies (usually buch...only saying that word as you did) i had a female yell at a now long ago ex that she vould take him (she could lol) and "take me" iv also had them give a number and i when i say "no im good" they say "i can change you" ummmm can a man change you? Chill. (Also in age i feel i might feel more bi but iv only been with men so yea....)

  • Kathy OToole - Channel Youtube
    Kathy OToole - 4 weeks ago

    where is the white stripe?

  • GinjaNinja - Channel Youtube
    GinjaNinja - 4 weeks ago

    Omg both my grandmas say girlfriend so when iv come back from meeting a friend they say "oh how did your girlfriend?" and i panic for a second (cause im not out yet) then realise they mean a friend. Its so annoying ://

  • Jess W. - Channel Youtube
    Jess W. - 1 month ago

    That story pisses me off & it should not. Yet, I don't like ppl *TELLING* SOMEONE ELSE who they f@cking are!!! Btw, RIGHT the same sex ppl *have problems* too, which is why I don't care for GROUPS! It pisses me off the highest level. I did not need to hear you say it bc I SEE the problems in *every* group & its pathetic. I'm alone but, happy to see you seem happy. I feel like everyone should find *true* love & leave BS groups alone! 💔

  • Sophia Griffith - Channel Youtube
    Sophia Griffith - 1 month ago

    omg I love her

  • Tash - Channel Youtube
    Tash - 1 month ago

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adi Gerszonowicz - Channel Youtube
    Adi Gerszonowicz - 1 month ago

    Hello from israel ❤ all what you said it's happens to me all the time!!! I'm a femme lesbian too ❤

  • Andi Grace - Channel Youtube
    Andi Grace - 1 month ago

    I just came out to my dad the other day, I still have to tell my mom and the rest of my family. Your videos are helping me so much in being confident with my self :)

  • miles5ful - Channel Youtube
    miles5ful - 1 month ago

    God your a lesbian and your better looking than half the straight women I’ve dated god I wish you were cloned

  • MahinaUi - Channel Youtube
    MahinaUi - 1 month ago

    I know I’m late on this, but why is telling them that they’re a beautiful couple “creepy”. I’m confused

  • Anna - Channel Youtube
    Anna - 1 month ago

    Biggest struggle... straight girls glaring back at you assuming you’re staring at them in judgment but you’re actually just checking them out 🤧 I used to do this in high school and ended up getting blocked from a lot of them in social media

  • Melissa Marie - Channel Youtube
    Melissa Marie - 1 month ago

    Yep. I’ve heard so many of those! I just wanna scream “you’re obnoxious!!!!”

  • I’mARookieInLife - Channel Youtube
    I’mARookieInLife - 1 month ago

    Hey! Me! Gay! 🤣🤣🤣