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Published on Mar 06, 2018

Warning: this video contains shady reads. Strangers guess who's a drag queen in this episode of Lineup! #feelyouroats
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Music: Marvelous Mint / He Doesn't Love You (90s Edition)

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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Who Does Drag? | Lineup | Cut


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  • Cut - 2 weeks ago

    Follow the Kings & Queens in this video! Betty Wetter @ Londyn Bradshaw @ Sean Nyte @ Femme Daddy @ SHE @

  • Mrship ofSteam - 1 hour ago

    Cool but cringe

  • Brianna Zamolodchikova - 2 hours ago

    The no eyebrow guy looks hot out of drag cuz he reminds me of katya lol

  • Anniken Bruun - 6 hours ago

    love madison

  • Daniel Gomez - 6 hours ago

    what the fuck did I just watch?!!?

  • IFrootloops - 7 hours ago

    “I am a preschool teacher” Me: ....... sooooo........ I teach 4 year olds???

  • Sissy Dillon - 7 hours ago

    This is just sad.

  • Erick Camacho - 8 hours ago

    Im the only one with a crush on madison ?

  • Jack Middleton - 9 hours ago

    I would have liked to quickly ask the non drag queens why they don't do it or if they would. Also the black guy on the right seems like he is depressed that he is not a drag queen.

  • zoeelovee2 - 9 hours ago

    No eyebrows felt like a dead giveaway

  • Gabriel Arzate - 9 hours ago

    Ok they’re all great but Jessica has got me dead

  • Joseph Tran - 9 hours ago

    1:23 I AM BATMAN

  • More Shiah - 11 hours ago

    I love his clout glasses

  • Hunter G - 12 hours ago

    Can we really consider Madison a stranger anymore? Lol

  • Erin Mison - 12 hours ago

    I saw the tights... and they were ripped.

  • Madre Gonzalez - 12 hours ago

    Am I the only ones who is disgusted by drag queens ??

  • Madb0y 21savage - 13 hours ago

    Dann she hot AF

  • Wolfie Pup - 13 hours ago

    I thought girls can't be queens??

  • Frida Alexander - 13 hours ago


  • Kylee Wright - 13 hours ago

    Alex Vause vibes from the guesser in the white turtle neck anyway? nope, just me, okay.

  • Reagan - 14 hours ago

    10:43 Miley Cyrus is shaking

  • Nathani Da Rocha - 14 hours ago

    "Gender is dead" YAS

  • Nathani Da Rocha - 15 hours ago


  • K9mutty - 15 hours ago

    They all still ugly though

  • Mikael - 18 hours ago

    I would love to meet a drag queen

  • Panda - 18 hours ago

    They should match babies to parents

  • M B - 19 hours ago

    How is the girl with the buzz cut a drag queen? Shes a girl dressing as a girl....

  • Sophiesticated - 19 hours ago

    okay Scotty, I am in love with both your male and female version 😍

  • Sophiesticated - 20 hours ago

    the fourth boy is CUTE AF 😍

  • Bijou Honeybee - 20 hours ago

    Read me, ...where are your eyebrows? Shade honey but hes clearly a queen