I Got A Makeover In 3 Different U.S. Cities

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Published on Jan 29, 2018

So I've been curious about regional style for a long time now, so after the holidays we traveled to three different U.S. cities and got a makeover in the street fashion of that city. We traveled to Miami, Dallas, and Portland and teamed up with locals who helped us craft our head-to-toe looks! Which one was your favorite?

A big thank you to all the style bloggers who were featured:
Kelly Saks

Amy Havins

Tonya Smith

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  • Safiya Nygaard - Channel Youtube
    Safiya Nygaard - 4 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS! so this is what tyler and i did the first week of the year! i hope you guys enjoy it...! also, there is one typo in the video that i missed, can you guys spot it? lol. love u guys! xoxo, saf

  • Gabrielle Tornow - Channel Youtube
    Gabrielle Tornow - 5 hours ago

    I used to live like 30 minutes away from Dallas, and cowboys and rodeos and stuff were an actual thing. I feel like this outfit is more of the classy, city side of Dallas rather than the normal style. Those earrings just aren’t Texas.

  • Spongebob’s Pineapple - Channel Youtube
    Spongebob’s Pineapple - 5 hours ago

    Do Chicago, Illinois! A lot of stylish stuff (what I’ve seen)

  • Spongebob’s Pineapple - Channel Youtube
    Spongebob’s Pineapple - 6 hours ago

    I am sorry about Dallas, I’m a Texan

  • Tekopyhyys - Channel Youtube
    Tekopyhyys - 10 hours ago

    I've been thinking what state in USA I should travel to first and it would seem that Portland is a good choice. Now I just need a job to pay for the trip lmao

  • Misharu - Channel Youtube
    Misharu - 10 hours ago

    Definitely should come to Arizona, think you'd be able to find some interesting styles.

  • Danica Oslund - Channel Youtube
    Danica Oslund - 11 hours ago

    Yesss PNW pride!

  • Alexis Pool - Channel Youtube
    Alexis Pool - 14 hours ago

    Im an austinite, and dallas is pretty decent to austin, yet cowboy is definantly a thing here! I see police horses, and legit cowboys everywhere.

  • Thais S - Channel Youtube
    Thais S - 23 hours ago

    I am definitely Portland

  • Elle Sierra - Channel Youtube
    Elle Sierra - 23 hours ago

    Safiya, come to Las Vegas, Nevada for your next city fashion experience! We have it all here, but the bling is the best. And bling WITH black clothes is very, VERY popular. 🤩😎🤩

  • bascha412 - Channel Youtube
    bascha412 - 1 day ago

    I live in portland and the nice thing is you can pretty much wear whatever you want and you'll fit in

  • Maya Cherry - Channel Youtube
    Maya Cherry - 1 day ago

    Loved the Dallas look

  • Nova G - Channel Youtube
    Nova G - 1 day ago

    The Portland jeans she is wearing look awful,most Northwest people wear boot cut or skinny jeans

  • Bennie N - Channel Youtube
    Bennie N - 1 day ago

    OMG I can't believe you came to Portland and on a sunny day

  • Eesha S - Channel Youtube
    Eesha S - 1 day ago

    Hawthorne such as GALE HAWTHORNE!!!!!!!

  • Zoey Van Pelt - Channel Youtube
    Zoey Van Pelt - 1 day ago

    Portland is my home by downtown

  • Holly - Channel Youtube
    Holly - 1 day ago

    I live in Portland. I live about 15 minutes away from where you stayed

  • motherthumb 8 - Channel Youtube
    motherthumb 8 - 1 day ago

    I really like the black embroidery dress she wore in Miami! Dose anyone know where I can get one like that???

  • Betty Dimitrova - Channel Youtube
    Betty Dimitrova - 2 days ago

    You should come to Sofia, Bulgaria because you know.. Sofia and Safiya sounds the same

  • GagaXCX - Channel Youtube
    GagaXCX - 2 days ago

    Oregon has the best makeover by faaar

  • Shashi Barla - Channel Youtube
    Shashi Barla - 2 days ago

    Saf! come to India. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Poepie Scheet - Channel Youtube
    Poepie Scheet - 2 days ago

    You Shall not pass hahaha

  • Spanish Lesson - Channel Youtube
    Spanish Lesson - 2 days ago

    Your make-up looks awesome at Portland. Natural and nice

  • Divya S.K. Nagendra - Channel Youtube
    Divya S.K. Nagendra - 2 days ago

    You love black . dont you.

  • Divya S.K. Nagendra - Channel Youtube
    Divya S.K. Nagendra - 2 days ago

    Were you working in buzzfeed

  • Mariah Lee - Channel Youtube
    Mariah Lee - 2 days ago

    You guys totally nailed the portland look, but I always opt for "second skin" type skinny jeans to balance the rugged lumberjack on top 😂

  • Caro schmid - Channel Youtube
    Caro schmid - 2 days ago

    love this video 😻you should totally do more of these ! maybe new york san fransisco or seattle?

  • Danielle Gray - Channel Youtube
    Danielle Gray - 2 days ago

    East coast girl all the way... I like Miami's style.

  • RW L - Channel Youtube
    RW L - 3 days ago

    She has such unique speech patterns... someone must have been a theater kid

  • Carrie W - Channel Youtube
    Carrie W - 3 days ago

    I'm praying in Texas you kept those boots....OMG they're AMAZING!