Best 50 Crossovers of the 2018 NBA Regular Season

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

Enjoy the best 50 crossovers and handles from the 2018 NBA regular season, featuring Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and more!

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  • Захар Тороков - Channel Youtube
    Захар Тороков - 4 hours ago


  • Fode Lamine Camara - Channel Youtube
    Fode Lamine Camara - 8 hours ago

    Kyrie 👏🏿

  • Lorenzo Quimby - Channel Youtube
    Lorenzo Quimby - 2 days ago

    Damn clippers be getting there ankles broke 😂😂

  • Danny Dolan - Channel Youtube
    Danny Dolan - 3 days ago

    Harden at 9:32 is so demoralizing. Nobody even moved afterward for a full second, it was like shooting practice.

  • 진사강 - Channel Youtube
    진사강 - 4 days ago

    what the play by mitchell

  • Nelly Holbrook - Channel Youtube
    Nelly Holbrook - 4 days ago

    Damn corey brewer i seen u get yo shiit took like 6 times

  • The King - Channel Youtube
    The King - 4 days ago

    Y’all forgot the fake shot crossover on Giannis by KD

  • Webster McGuire - Channel Youtube
    Webster McGuire - 5 days ago

    what are those

  • Leo King - Channel Youtube
    Leo King - 7 days ago

    what a move !

  • Jadon Darson - Channel Youtube
    Jadon Darson - 1 week ago

    12:04 Draymond wanted a foul and ended up on a crossover compilation. LMFAO.!!!!!!!!

  • Ian Hughes - Channel Youtube
    Ian Hughes - 1 week ago

    9:53 nce moves from James

  • Christian Flowers - Channel Youtube
    Christian Flowers - 1 week ago

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  • King Prime - Channel Youtube
    King Prime - 2 weeks ago

    2:41 perfect dunk

  • SillyMilly - Channel Youtube
    SillyMilly - 2 weeks ago

    7:35 Westbrook crossing up his future teammate 😂

  • Lil Wyck - Channel Youtube
    Lil Wyck - 2 weeks ago

    6:52 double ankle breaker

  • shepherd's ball - Channel Youtube
    shepherd's ball - 2 weeks ago

    For the best crossover go to 12:38

  • Big Tasty - Channel Youtube
    Big Tasty - 2 weeks ago

    Die hard OKC fan, but where is the filthy crossover Elfrad Peyton had against Russ?

  • Falcons Highlights - Channel Youtube
    Falcons Highlights - 2 weeks ago

    Go Falcons (10-6)

  • JOEYCHIP_ 38 - Channel Youtube
    JOEYCHIP_ 38 - 2 weeks ago

    12:10 ...I'm pretty sure Draymond tripped on the other players foot lmao

  • Aiden Luchian - Channel Youtube
    Aiden Luchian - 3 weeks ago

    Kylie highlight reel

  • Wira Adi - Channel Youtube
    Wira Adi - 3 weeks ago


  • Faded Fragments - Channel Youtube
    Faded Fragments - 3 weeks ago

    Only a few of them were legit crossovers. Most involved the whack slight shoved, which ain't legit.

  • Ck Panganiban - Channel Youtube
    Ck Panganiban - 3 weeks ago

    Why Irving is in Boston that's why Cleveland lost an offensive power because of Irving I'm Fan by irving

  • Thorne Dent - Channel Youtube
    Thorne Dent - 3 weeks ago

    i hate these push offs

  • William Busa - Channel Youtube
    William Busa - 3 weeks ago

    Damn #BreakingAnkles! I've been searching for dibbling training and found a legit athletes here: - I was really skeptical at first but the results are amazing. Just need to put some hard work!

  • Adin Martinez - Channel Youtube
    Adin Martinez - 3 weeks ago

    Mostly irving

  • Leroy Stevens - Channel Youtube
    Leroy Stevens - 3 weeks ago

    Basketball boring

  • Jim Fox - Channel Youtube
    Jim Fox - 3 weeks ago

    Some 7 footer always get caught off the switch and gotta guard Paul. R.I.P. that 7 footer every time

  • John Andrew NAVARRO - Channel Youtube
    John Andrew NAVARRO - 3 weeks ago

    i just what add all NBA matchup team in playoffs 2018 top 50

  • Cedric Todd - Channel Youtube
    Cedric Todd - 4 weeks ago

    ad made 2 fall that's tuff