TTrying McDonald’s Breakfast & Lunch in INDIA

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Published on Apr 12, 2018

I just happened to stop by at a McDonald's and realized that the menu is so much different from the McDonald's in America and a lot has to do with the fact that they don't serve beef or pork. So I decided to order everything and taste test it out.

This video is not sponsored and is a review.

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  • Parth Doshi - 25 minutes ago

    Which Mc Donald's are you at? The one in my locality doesn't have some of the items

  • LUIS ARIZMENDI - 34 minutes ago

    Baljeet donalds

  • jason stone - 60 minutes ago

    Italy is the worst place ive tried mcdonalds.

  • jihad hamdan - 1 hour ago

    I'm chewing gum while watching u eating... I chewed my tongue.

  • corey mac - 2 hours ago

    Yes im sure the patty was fresh... freshly thawed out

  • SHRUTI AMOLA - 2 hours ago

    Man where was mcaloo tikki . That's one of my favourite's

  • Nipsta 81 - 2 hours ago


  • hamovik247 - 2 hours ago

    Was this video sponsored?

  • Azzola - 3 hours ago

    Get off my recommended list please...

  • ROBLOX Guy - 4 hours ago

    I'm so broke I'm in California and my mc donalds ARE THE BEST but India mc donalds looks good

  • Fun Time - 5 hours ago


  • Fun Time - 5 hours ago

    Come to Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Zappy Tech - 6 hours ago

    Imagine in matt stonie was there 😂

  • dexterz dex - 6 hours ago

    next time mike do some gym workout vids... you seems getting more buff even with those huge eating habits :p

  • Huzaifa Abid - 7 hours ago

    Mouth watering😋😋

  • Hussain Eqaby - 7 hours ago

    When you’re in India and u start to question if chicken is actually chicken

  • Silk Route - 8 hours ago

    Chhiii mc d ka kuch b acha ni hta.... Inhe kahan se acha lg jata h

  • Pranav Giri - 9 hours ago

    How come Chatpata Chana ( chickpeas ).....Taste like chicken .... -_-

  • Jugal James - 9 hours ago

    McDonald's in India sells the worst burgers and wraps. This was obviously sponsored by McDonald's 😂😂

  • Ronit Sood - 9 hours ago

    I hate thumbs up

  • Vivek Chalasani - 9 hours ago

    you ordered aloo chatpata naan, aloo means potato... she asked you if you wanted aloo and you said yes...

  • kbg12ila - 9 hours ago

    I read the Maharaja Mac as the Marijuana Mac.

  • Ankit Saha - 10 hours ago


  • StormClan21 - 11 hours ago

    You look like a young version of jackie chan because you look like him and kinda sound like him no offense

  • Dey vlogs - 12 hours ago

    Which city is this ?

  • CoolDudeTube - 12 hours ago

    Unfortunately I live in India and go to McDonald's only at lunch or dinner :-(

  • Talha Khan - 13 hours ago

    Dude you eat a lot, and you are still in good shape ! Howie?

  • Anay Mulay - 14 hours ago

    Thumbs up isn’t the Indian version of coke dummy

  • Forbidden Box - 15 hours ago

    Just sign a YT red contract or something. It's the most advertising friendly show on YT at this point...

  • Manav - 17 hours ago

    lol US people complain about American Mc Donalds and us indians complain about India's.