TDaniel Caesar Performs "Get You" | Here For The Music | Fender

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Published on Aug 15, 2017

Listen as Daniel Caesar performs a special acoustic version of his single "Get You" for Fender Acoustics. Hear more from him here:


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Daniel Caesar Performs "Get You" | Here For The Music | Fender

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  • Fender - 7 months ago

    Like the guitar Daniel is playing? Click here to learn more about it: Never played guitar before? Let us teach you! Find out how here:

  • Zack Yang - 2 days ago

    Shout out to William singe and Alex aioni for sky rocketing Daniel caesar's "get you" been listening to get you ever since I first heard it from covers to acoustic. Can't wait to get a guitar. I'll play this anywhere

  • Linn - 3 days ago

    His voice gives me butterflies in my stomach

  • Linn - 3 days ago

    *likes video before it starts playing*

  • shontell colvin - 4 days ago

    Oh my goodness 😍😍😍😍

  • Dante Jones - 4 days ago

    what’s the name of the guitar he’s using?

  • Shea Hughes - 4 days ago

    I didn't know he sang this song! Love this song 💫❤💫

  • Mahir Mrkonjic - 4 days ago

    Beautiful.... gives me inspiration, much needed. You can feel his soul in this performance. Song will be on repeat this week lol

  • Bryan Santana - 4 days ago

    Who ever disliked this obviously does not know a thing about good music

  • LibetMalik - 4 days ago

    This isn't R&B this is Soul

  • siggi zippan - 5 days ago

    Another Toronto talent. He is a great Jazz singer - more of the old style.

  • Jay Dee - 6 days ago

    Doesn’t he naturally look like a legend or is it just me??

  • James Cotton - 6 days ago

    Leave me alone BICH

  • irfan Fh - 6 days ago

    I wonder why im never getting tired of this?

  • Tamarje81 - 6 days ago

    Love it!

  • eve g - 7 days ago


  • Lesley Leon - 7 days ago

    my ex would always play this song on guitar. this was our song, the first song we heard together. listening to it on guitar just hits hard, and this is making me cry right now. his voice is just too beautiful

  • Wowbeeze - 1 week ago

    sounds almost exactly like the actual song, and thats a good thing, hes real, no autotune crap.

  • Krystal Robinson - 1 week ago

    Im in love 😍

  • Acoustic_string - 1 week ago

    What model guitar is this?

  • Yung Quan - 1 week ago

    🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🖤🔥🔥🔥 same voice

  • poker108 - 1 week ago

    Homie need braces

  • Waliul The 'Wall·E' - 2 weeks ago

    that song is lit.

  • prettyaestheticgirl * - 2 weeks ago

    God bless his beautiful voice .Daniel is such a blessing to be honest ,I just love him too much .

  • Prof S - 2 weeks ago


  • Kabir S - 2 weeks ago


  • Thomas Collado - 2 weeks ago

    Dope dope dope !!!!!

  • David Anderson - 2 weeks ago

    this but u on your grown man shit

  • Marc Rodrigues - 2 weeks ago

    Damn, this sounds so good on acoustic :o

  • Sarah Rieewa - 2 weeks ago

    my baby 😍😍😍