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Published on Aug 15, 2016

Victoria Beckham’s globe-trotting beauty playbook features simple sweeps of eyeshadow, dustings of highlighter, and finger-dabbed applications of lipstick that only get better as the day wears on. Here, she cracks open the powder-room door—and proves why her new limited-edition makeup line (out in September) is made for mastering a five-minute face.

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Victoria Beckham’s Five-Minute Face | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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  • Karen Bilton - 3 days ago

    Her face is already got makeup on........rubbish!!!

  • Loši & Aši - 1 week ago

    She have Nina Dobrev eyes

  • LuluRose Vishal - 1 week ago

    She takes the gold... Love her looks she's amazing.

  • Saman Waseem - 1 week ago

    Fugly. Redefined.

  • Юленька Серенко - 1 week ago

    I do not like, when eyeshadows is under eyes

  • Queeny GB - 1 week ago

    She looked younger initially when she first began. . . (of course with an already ‘basic’ made up face), but then OLDER with the finished look !?!?? All those colours ONLY look good on a young plump face an older face CANNOT carry it off !! Why? I’m a 49 yr old qualified former beauty therapist/Tutor . . . She has always been a good looking woman BUT less is more for SURE !

  • Esri Arc - 1 week ago

    I like Victoria:) light,bright,focused

  • lucyt ale - 2 weeks ago

    Idk or she kinda looks like what would nina dobrev looked like a bit older

  • Nerdy Girl inc. - 2 weeks ago

    She lived up to the name “posh spice” because she is very posh and gives enough spice to back it up

  • diykitkat - 2 weeks ago

    Lol im sure she takes 3hrs for makeup

  • maleficentwings - 3 weeks ago

    She has an interestingly shaped top lip.

  • aguilacec - 3 weeks ago

    She had already make up on when she started!

  • Diana Ellie - 3 weeks ago

    why is everyone down below so rude.

  • Pera Ergün - 3 weeks ago


  • cheryl Martin - 3 weeks ago


  • MARILYN SAMAR - 4 weeks ago

    Need start eatting.

  • Franca Spagnol - 4 weeks ago

    Sarebbe meglio se fosse tradotto

  • Hiroshima HairedGirl - 4 weeks ago

    She doesn't need makeup, her skin is so perfect and shinny !

  • vanilla essence - 1 month ago

    Thats what i call aging with grace

  • Jo Hunter - 1 month ago

    This isn't five minutes.  She already had her foundation done.  Not gutsy enough to appear on camera with a clean face, huh Posh?

  • Amelia Winslet - 1 month ago

    Not gonna lie she looked like a ghost in the thumbnail

  • Emma Sun - 1 month ago

    She was supposed to wear makeup in the beginning. The point of this was to show how she touches up her makeup during he day.

  • Xcxcxcxcx Xcxcxcx - 1 month ago


  • Simpaticaa - 1 month ago

    I was hoping to see her put moisturiser and foundation first but her face already had.

  • Chai Xiaohui - 1 month ago

    Hate her lips.soooo be honest.sorry.

  • A&K Lifestyle - 1 month ago

  • jhim K - 1 month ago

    I like her face

  • Ocean Sunset - 1 month ago

    I don t really like her eyebrows here and her eyes look really tired

  • J J - 2 months ago


  • Jane Farrer - 2 months ago

    Would anybody know what eye glasses she is wearing in the beginning of the vid? Thank you...