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Published on Jul 27, 2016

I PUT ON 100 LAYERS OF KYLIE'S LIP KIT! (So that you don't have to)
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  • rojasc22 - 39 minutes ago

    I love the to new lipstick

  • Alexis Wheelbarger - 48 minutes ago

    On escape the night do the youtubers know what’s happening?

  • Leila Bradford - 55 minutes ago

    Joey I dare you to dress up like your Minecraft character

  • Jaedyn Burns - 2 hours ago

    You looked like u had lip injections

  • malu'ataufa kinikini - 15 hours ago

    what gave you the reson to betray 2 peope in escape the night

  • Sariah Larko - 17 hours ago

    What is your favorite color

  • Sydney Cornish - 20 hours ago

    Hey would it be fine if I read The Children of Eden first, or do I have to read Elites of Eden first? Someone reply PLEASEE

  • Krisha Jove - 1 day ago

    He always start doing “Ahhh”! 😂 please don’t judge me

  • Fluffy Bunny - 3 days ago

    My cat watched this with me 🐱

  • Erick Rodriguez - 3 days ago

    There is a book called among the hidden wich is a boy who is a third child and people should only have 2 kids and it’s a very good book u should read it

  • Isabella Diys - 5 days ago


  • mimi moo - 6 days ago

    this video was very strange?!

  • Lilly Baldwin - 7 days ago

    When he took the gloss off tho....

  • Wanda Adams - 7 days ago

    💯 blush

  • phoebe_xoxo - 7 days ago

    not being rude but I'm not a big fan of your beard and mustachio sorry love u

  • Drawings Daredevil - 1 week ago

    Do you love Miranda

  • Medhat Henan - 1 week ago

    you probably shouldn't​ go out today

  • Silent_Tanner May - 1 week ago


  • Siobhon Salrin - 1 week ago

    Do you really love Miranda sings

  • Connie Lehenbauer - 1 week ago

    Put. Nasty. Stuff. In. Your. Malth

  • Connie Lehenbauer - 1 week ago

    What. Is. Your. Fafrete. Color

  • Harley Quinn - 1 week ago

    I love your nails 💅

  • Anthony Aitken - 1 week ago

    Do you love mrander sign s

  • Crystal_squad rosado - 2 weeks ago

    That's so funny

  • Fluff Whiskers - 2 weeks ago

    Reading Elites of Eden ,very good so far,up to the part where she is dying her hair or something,

  • Fluff Whiskers - 2 weeks ago

    I love how storm runs into the room when ever u r recording As it to be like,NO ,JOEY I AM THE REASON U GET VIEWS (I know Joey had tons of views before he even got Storm but still)

  • Amelia Gibson - 2 weeks ago


  • Chris Rutherford - 2 weeks ago


  • Chris Rutherford - 2 weeks ago

    Zhou should die your hair red and dress and get a make over and act like a killer clown

  • Yandere cat girl - 2 weeks ago

    It's on your teeth