TA day in the life of an ancient Athenian - Robert Garland

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Published on Mar 15, 2018

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It’s 427 BCE, and the worst internal conflict ever to occur in the ancient Greek world is in its fourth year. Athens is facing a big decision: what to do with the people of Mytilene, a city on the island of Lesbos where a revolt against Athenian rule has just been put down. How did these kinds of decisions get made? Robert Garland outlines a day in the life of Athenian democracy.

Lesson by Robert Garland, animation by Zedem Media.

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  • xXIceWolfXx PH - 5 hours ago

    Is this an atheist Server

  • Jim B - 3 days ago

    You are pronounsing all the Hellenic names etc wrong. Like most of the foreigners. Its not that hard. I can pronounce all english and most of spanish names properly...Plz at least try.

  • Faizan Ali - 4 days ago

    What happens next? All these videos do is give me blue balls.

  • {TurboYellow} - 6 days ago

    Can you guys make a day in the life of an American Civil War soldier?

  • Gabriel jacinto lópez - 1 week ago

    For me Athens is more interesting than Sparta...

  • pat b - 1 week ago

    This is exactly why the electoral college is a good thing

  • Anton Belev - 1 week ago

    were they executed?

  • MT Jogos - 1 week ago

    A day in a life of a portuguese explorer

  • dzonikg - 1 week ago

    It was only real democracy in history off the world...now you so call vote on false promises ..and then they do what they want for 4 years off forgetting that promises ..and that 4 years they dont care about your opinion at all ..after 4 years they will just press media machine lie mashine and repeat

  • IT MATTERS - 2 weeks ago

    Damn democracy

  • Rand Zopyr - 2 weeks ago

    I get the feeling that a typical day didn't involve debating whether or not to execute a bunch of people.

  • A P E - 2 weeks ago


  • Cavstic - 2 weeks ago

    Western civilisation as we know it, wouldn't even exist without Greek history. We should all be a little less confrontational and a bit more in awe of this culture.

  • kamalindsey - 2 weeks ago

    Daily life in pre-viking age Norway.

  • Jimy Helix - 2 weeks ago

    A small correction: ΤΙΣ ΑΓΟΡEYΕΙΝ ΒΟΥΛΕΤΑΙ " tis aghorevin Voulete " not " Boulete " Otherwise very nice video.

  • Guerra dos Bichos - 2 weeks ago

    is funny that people criticize their democracy when owrs are just as bad, democracy is just a system, its being plaayed by the strong and powerful for millenea and ours is just as bad

  • Pacmanghost - 2 weeks ago

    So did the second ship catch up, or what?

  • Harrison Kitney - 2 weeks ago

    Did the second boat catch up and tell the first or did they arrive to loads of dead people

  • Daughter of Apollo - 2 weeks ago

    2:09 is that “I wont say Im in love” from disneys hercules?

  • RubenRyb - 2 weeks ago

    thra see? Do you mean Thrace?

  • skjaldulfr - 2 weeks ago

    I'm guessing the second didn't successfully "countermand" the order.

  • oiseaudubonheur - 2 weeks ago

    The slaves come from Thrace, which should be pronounced like "lace"

  • Double Jerky - 2 weeks ago


  • Micah Sheldon - 2 weeks ago

    did they save the people?

  • dimitris davos - 2 weeks ago

    You did some mistakes for example Athenians at that time had around 10 slaves also the slaves were like family to them and were usually happy

  • zlivalavida - 2 weeks ago


  • Med Otaku - 2 weeks ago

    " *What shall we do with the City of Lesbos* "? _Crowd snickers_

  • Muhammad Yusuf - 2 weeks ago

    Make the Persian life

  • Muhammad Yusuf - 2 weeks ago

    White peoples have such a great civilization