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Published on Oct 06, 2017

well that was a shit show!
we also filmed a video on cammie's channel!

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  • musani nlebesi - Channel Youtube
    musani nlebesi - 20 hours ago

    Who's who man? Like I can't tell the difference lol

  • Michaela Porro - Channel Youtube
    Michaela Porro - 2 days ago

    those last 3 seconds tho... if only you would've known :'D

  • feras hdaib - Channel Youtube
    feras hdaib - 1 week ago

    wtf they are not twins ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flon57 - Channel Youtube
    flon57 - 1 week ago

    "Every day, every God damn day" priceless

  • Bounty Wolf - Channel Youtube
    Bounty Wolf - 3 weeks ago

    I’m still wondering where Kara is! xD Erm... Where is Kara, she was the best. So innocent, and everything. Or... Are you still dating Kara? I’m confuzzled. XD

  • Xanel Geldenhuis - Channel Youtube
    Xanel Geldenhuis - 4 weeks ago

    Seriously though are they the same person? I can't. Identical

  • Adi Gerszonowicz - Channel Youtube
    Adi Gerszonowicz - 4 weeks ago

    Cammie you are the best!! 😍😍😍

  • Bri C - Channel Youtube
    Bri C - 1 month ago

    This is a low key diss

  • Hana Owens - Channel Youtube
    Hana Owens - 1 month ago

    You legit look like sisters 😂 but I love you both 😂😂x

  • dallians33 - Channel Youtube
    dallians33 - 1 month ago

    Lol damn this was pretty painful to watch. They were both clearly pissed about many things the other did or didn't do.

  • Stacie Green - Channel Youtube
    Stacie Green - 1 month ago

    Did they date before Cammie dated Shannon?

  • Sophie Kowal - Channel Youtube
    Sophie Kowal - 1 month ago

    I dunno, she reminds me of Millie Bobby Brown...

  • Jacqueline Tranchina - Channel Youtube
    Jacqueline Tranchina - 1 month ago

    “ “Cut your hair for fun” “ LMFAOOOO

  • Chrissy Catt - Channel Youtube
    Chrissy Catt - 1 month ago


  • Anna Thompson - Channel Youtube
    Anna Thompson - 1 month ago

    This was so awkward to watch lol

  • zaraleighlewis - Channel Youtube
    zaraleighlewis - 1 month ago

    i can’t tell if this is a joke because all the lesbians talk to each other so you never know what’s true cuz they’re all in on it

  • Amy Boyer - Channel Youtube
    Amy Boyer - 1 month ago

    This video is so cringey 😂😂😂😂

  • Haley Becker - Channel Youtube
    Haley Becker - 2 months ago

    are they purposely fighting?

  • Haley Becker - Channel Youtube
    Haley Becker - 2 months ago

    Joanna looks like Scarlett Johansson??

  • cinnynova - Channel Youtube
    cinnynova - 2 months ago

    Jesus you guys are fucking twins. Wow.

  • GuitarPlayer2200 - Channel Youtube
    GuitarPlayer2200 - 2 months ago

    They look the same.

  • Lin Benzo - Channel Youtube
    Lin Benzo - 2 months ago

    lmaoooo hilarious

  • Keelin O’Hara - Channel Youtube
    Keelin O’Hara - 2 months ago

    their whole friend group got me constantly wondering which things are jokes and which things lowkey happen

  • purple veins - Channel Youtube
    purple veins - 2 months ago

    am i the only one who thinks they look like twins what the hell dude

  • kcool 12 - Channel Youtube
    kcool 12 - 2 months ago

    Cammie is the hottest!

  • Nefelibata - Channel Youtube
    Nefelibata - 2 months ago

    this is just very confusing

  • PxPI Brie - Channel Youtube
    PxPI Brie - 2 months ago

    "Hoeanna" Savageee 💀💀

  • Justin Stanbery - Channel Youtube
    Justin Stanbery - 2 months ago

    You both are sexy looking

  • ray xd666 - Channel Youtube
    ray xd666 - 2 months ago

    Awww Cammie is so heartbroken i'm crying

  • ray xd666 - Channel Youtube
    ray xd666 - 2 months ago

    both of them are so bitter sweet I can't even