"I'd found the joy again": Florence + The Machine on writing new album High As Hope | Part 1/3

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Published on May 03, 2018

"If there's anything loud and out of time, it probably me!"

Florence Welch speaks to BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac about writing and recording her new album High As Hope, headlining Glastonbury and accidentally falling through a glass door!

Listen to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, weekdays 7-9pm GMT.

The full interview:

Part 1: "I'd found the joy again": Florence + The Machine on writing new album High As Hope https://youtu.be/axP3oPrGgzI

Part 2: "It's too personal": Florence + The Machine didn't think she'd release new song 'Hunger' https://youtu.be/Cxh3dEUBU3I

Part 3: "Put that drink down, eat a sandwich!": Florence + The Machine to her 17 year old self! https://youtu.be/LjXlMH96dsc

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  • Pedro Koury - Channel Youtube
    Pedro Koury - 1 hour ago

    She seem to have a VERY good creative flow, process, development and, obviously, output. She is a creative fairy, this lady!

  • Veronika Tafoya - Channel Youtube
    Veronika Tafoya - 20 hours ago

    i just love her, so simply

  • IRONIXX - Channel Youtube
    IRONIXX - 3 days ago


  • Ari Yad - Channel Youtube
    Ari Yad - 1 week ago

    omg I saw her at Lana Del Rey's concert in London + Florence waved at me omg

  • Isaiah R - Channel Youtube
    Isaiah R - 2 weeks ago

    eek,she is just so cute ahhhhhh,i love her voice

  • Alfredonado the third - Channel Youtube
    Alfredonado the third - 2 weeks ago

    I can’t listen to Florence because she was a musician my mum was a huge fan of and now I can’t help but cry every time I give into her songs

  • Juanca Bustamante - Channel Youtube
    Juanca Bustamante - 2 weeks ago

    Shit. She’s hot.

  • sophie waghorn - Channel Youtube
    sophie waghorn - 2 weeks ago

    I served her at my work!! I almost freaked out. One of the loveliest people I served. And I seeing her perform TOMORROW!!

  • Clo Star - Channel Youtube
    Clo Star - 2 weeks ago

    Florence Welch is by far one the greatest female artists to date, but I can’t help but wonder by this interview she gave, that perhaps she may or may not have Asperger Syndrome? Body language etc. ❤️

  • José SS - Channel Youtube
    José SS - 2 weeks ago

    I need the subtitles OH NO

  • hanif khairy - Channel Youtube
    hanif khairy - 2 weeks ago

    Is it even recored in 2018??

  • PP S - Channel Youtube
    PP S - 2 weeks ago

    She's amazing

  • slimkt - Channel Youtube
    slimkt - 2 weeks ago

    I adore Florence; she’s just such a fascinating person. Also, props to the interviewer! She comes off genuinely interested in their discussion, and wisely stays quiet when receiving answers, allowing the interviewee to divulge more information we might not have heard otherwise.

  • Maxwell Almeida - Channel Youtube
    Maxwell Almeida - 2 weeks ago

    I love her voice, souds so sweet and gentle. I wish to have a conversation with her some day. Love u flo

  • // courtenay // - Channel Youtube
    // courtenay // - 2 weeks ago

    She's so ethereal and I love the way she speaks and how she thinks and I would love to talk to her

  • sarushika - Channel Youtube
    sarushika - 2 weeks ago

    We all agree that Florance is amazing... but let's talk for a moment about radio host. She's adorable and so kind, attentive to Florance. Love it!

  • Sreb - Channel Youtube
    Sreb - 2 weeks ago

    This interview is so freaking relatable right now. How human of her to express all this shit that we all deal with in our adult life in such an amazing way.

  • Jazz Moore - Channel Youtube
    Jazz Moore - 2 weeks ago

    What a fabulous interview!

  • Sarah Carlsen - Channel Youtube
    Sarah Carlsen - 2 weeks ago

    Florence is a goddess. <3

  • Lady Sforza - Channel Youtube
    Lady Sforza - 2 weeks ago

    I LOVE HER! Since that day "Dog Days Over" was coming out. I'm so depressiv that she was in vienna and I didn't had the money as trainee and since then I hope she is coming again and I'm saving my money for her concert and I wanna buy EVERYTHING from her merchandise. I love all her songs but I'm singing my favorite song everytime I can in my boring life. "Breath of Life" was the song what hit me like an arrow from Armor. She inspired me to life my life and not be reserved only for working but to make and follow my own destiny. I owe her alot. 🤩😍☺️

  • Paola Sciuto - Channel Youtube
    Paola Sciuto - 2 weeks ago

    The interviewer is so nice

  • The Calord - Channel Youtube
    The Calord - 2 weeks ago

    subtitle please....sorry cuz my english is baddddd :'( i wanna get to know what she says clearly omg

  • JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern - Channel Youtube
    JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern - 2 weeks ago

    Florence is so classically beautiful, and not even in a hipster way. You wouldn't think she's an older Millennial born in 1986, she's an old soul and that's awesome. It's not that she looks older or anything, she just looks like a grown ass woman and not a teenager like RiRi still does

  • Trunxks Beatz - Channel Youtube
    Trunxks Beatz - 2 weeks ago

    i can't wait for the book and the album

  • Shinichibi【Voice Acting】 - Channel Youtube
    Shinichibi【Voice Acting】 - 2 weeks ago

    Such an inspirational person. Wow ♥

  • Logan Lay - Channel Youtube
    Logan Lay - 2 weeks ago

    Can you imagine being in front of a goddess

  • vivi's sweet potato - Channel Youtube
    vivi's sweet potato - 2 weeks ago

    Can't wait to listen to her new album she's so lovely

  • Anna Fernandes - Channel Youtube
    Anna Fernandes - 2 weeks ago

    I like that she discovered that you actually don’t require drink, drugs, hedonism etc. to come through creatively. She can do it without those elements and what an amazing demonstration of such talent - in the pure.

  • tyrenaut - Channel Youtube
    tyrenaut - 2 weeks ago

    i really appreciate the interviewer!! she seems interested and florence looks at ease

  • Larysa Yevdokymova-Rizk - Channel Youtube
    Larysa Yevdokymova-Rizk - 2 weeks ago

    She is a fairy lady🛸absolutely unique 🛰smart inspiration 🎼🎼🎼