TMorning show hosts lose it when weatherman talks ‘swinging’ live on-air

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Published on Jun 20, 2017

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel got confused by Tuesday’s activity of the day: swinging. The mix-up caused Amber Schinkel and Scott Fee to get the giggles live on-air.

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  • MrRdbrig - 30 minutes ago

    I think they need a new weatherman

  • J.D. Schriber - 9 hours ago

    I love how Hal is like "Jesus take the wheel."

  • S - 18 hours ago

    This is the trouble with slang.

  • Father Derrick - 21 hours ago

    If this were the news, i'd watch it

  • Constance Keller - 2 days ago

    "Get the giggles" description almost killed the comedy.

  • Kragatar - 3 days ago

    lol That one guy holds out till 0:52 and then loses it. xD

  • gdlywom - 3 days ago

    His mind was in the gutter LMAO 😂

  • Squiggy Wigginz - 3 days ago

    I thought they were referring to a John Anderson song too, right? Just a swingin'!

  • wayne713 - 3 days ago

    Is it just me or is his pants a little tight ???? Someone seems excited

  • darth revan - 3 days ago

    Wow !!! Omg sweet baby Jesus

  • Vikram Somu - 4 days ago

    "what's stopping you" LOL good one

  • MyStogiesAndPipePlace - 4 days ago

    This wasn't nearly as good as Garry Frank who lost it being uncheery giving the weather.

  • Fear & Loathing in Germantown - 4 days ago

    That was awesome!

  • Miss Shellz - 4 days ago

    Lol...he has a big Johnson for a white dude!!!

  • ayr1225 - 4 days ago

    She wants the address. Dirty hooker.

  • Carl Smith - 5 days ago

    You Add Product top to bottom and UNLOAD bottom to top--Basic food handling!

  • Cap One - 5 days ago

    Go to the Dollar store & get a fish bowl? That's too much information about the lifestyle, dude. LOL!

  • TheKayaklover - 6 days ago

    . NICE BULGE ...!!! ..... YUUUUMMMMMMMMMM ....!!

  • RayBbaby - 6 days ago

    If that happened in the US, some conservatives would have a freaking meltdown and get that dude fired. Because "OMG, think of the children!!", or something.

  • CHRIS B - 6 days ago

    So this is what losing your job looks like 😂

  • Nik - 6 days ago

    He is so hot

  • Neltron Z - 6 days ago

    lol cardio

  • Jason C. - 6 days ago

    He’s totally gay 🙊

  • Almighty So - 6 days ago

    Coke heads

  • kbs1usa - 6 days ago

    I guess she hasn't figured that he swings for the pink team.

  • Joseph Salad - 6 days ago


  • mr zed - 6 days ago

    Are they laughing cuz the weatherman is gay

  • SatineMoisant - 6 days ago

    He wears the same underwear as Pitbull does. LOL

  • kk P - 7 days ago

    She looks fine

  • Danny L - 1 week ago

    I like the girl shes attractive