TJohn Krasinski Breaks Down A Quiet Place's Lantern Scene | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair

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Published on Apr 13, 2018

In this episode of "Notes on a Scene," John Krasinski, the movie's director and star, breaks down the lantern scene in "A Quiet Place." The movie debuts in theaters April 6th.

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John Krasinski Breaks Down A Quiet Place's Lantern Scene | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair

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  • Dav Silva - 59 minutes ago

    My favorite scene of the movie

  • Just Call Me Annie - 1 hour ago

    LOVE him!

  • Crimson Arbiter - 7 hours ago

    For me this movie was even better than the IT remake

  • Alexitty _ - 8 hours ago

    This brought me tears and scares

  • Connie Rosas - 11 hours ago

    As soon as he said “she’s actually deaf and it was non negotiable to cast someone who wasn’t deaf” I said “that’s it John wins all movie awards” we get so many movies that cast people to play people they can’t relate to. People with special needs need their opportunity to be in movies that have a special needs character! All applause for John and his amazing movie 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️

  • Kay Olive - 12 hours ago

    wow he explains this so well oh my gosh

  • Carolina Alonso - 13 hours ago

    This movie made me cry so much

  • EdwardNygsandDantePlasticGuns - 13 hours ago

    Tra Tra Tra Tra Tra Trannywood

  • Bob McBryde - 14 hours ago

    Love everything about this movie! One of my all time faves. Can't wait for Bluray. Wonderfully done!

  • Sarah Grace - 14 hours ago

    Soo No one talks in the movie at all?

  • Mack M - 15 hours ago

    Our Polish Brother!!! Great Film!!!

  • Shawn Kennedy - 15 hours ago

    That wasn’t the first nose, first was the rocket ship

  • CHEE- RIOS - 15 hours ago

    Just gonna say the silence and tension in the theatre was on point

  • Paulina Tejada - 16 hours ago


  • EthalaRide - 17 hours ago

    Do NOT get milk duds if you go to see this movie. I did and couldn't freaking eat them because they are *so loud* in that box. I had to dump them all into a napkin and I felt like I was about to die it was so loud.

  • Seung Choe - 19 hours ago

    No one is gonna comment that his shirt is see-through?

  • Darrell Mercado - 1 day ago

    ===================== A Quiet Place (2018) fULL mOVIE =====**=====** ===*** Haga Clic Aqui☛ I just want to share to you all movie lovers.

  • Alexie Goble - 1 day ago

    I loved this movie. It was amazing. But my friends and I had to step out of the theater when the boy ran into the tire. It was very sudden, so it made us laugh even though it was horrible that he ran into the tire.

  • Quite Cameron - 1 day ago

    Clicked on this video faster than I shut my mouth when the opening credits of this movie started.

  • cliffaconda - 1 day ago

    he did such a good job <3

  • Dudie with a hoodie - 1 day ago

    My new instant favorite movie! It came out like 2 weeks ago and I've watched it like 5 times!


    This is just Jim's extended vacation in Schrute farms. Mose is actually the monster.

  • lana banana - 1 day ago

    how the monsters could not hear their heartbeats is what i’m wondering

  • Reylo BitchForever - 1 day ago

    The movie was so great and so awesome!! I watched it twice, i wish i was able to watch it everyday tho but it costs money XD cant wait till it will be available online!

  • Lord chin chin Desu - 1 day ago

    I got scared by the sound of the river

  • haidir wasli - 1 day ago

    i love him in Chuck

  • Stephanie Martinez Lima - 1 day ago

    SPOILER ALERT: 2:01 But... Wasn't the first big noise the toy rocket? That was the reason the little girl was discovered by the monsters. The rocket made a huge noise in my opinion, and I think the lantern breaking is the second big sound we hear. :)

  • David Hernandez - 1 day ago

    Proud of you big tuna

  • Utopia Lord - 1 day ago

    So is Emily really pregnant with their baby.

  • Caleb Horton - 1 day ago

    My biggest problem with this movie is its over-reliance on jump scares. That was unavoidable considering anything louder than complete silence would be startling, but it ultimately diminished the scares that were present. I shouldn’t have to be startled in order to be scared. I still liked the movie, I just thought it could have been stronger.