Harassed by Police for Cleaning up the River.... (Unbelievable)

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Published on Jul 23, 2017

In this video I was Harassed by a cop for cleaning up the river while following all of their rules... New? Subscribe and help me reach 200K Subscribers!! https://goo.gl/jO9j96

Check out Tristan's channel to see his side of the story..

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  • Jiggin' With Jordan - Channel Youtube
    Jiggin' With Jordan - 10 months ago

    I want to make this clear.. I fully respect all law enforcement! This is NOT to bash law enforcement in any way. Just a video showing a situation I had to deal with. Thanks for the support everyone 👊🏼💯

  • ben cruz - Channel Youtube
    ben cruz - 44 minutes ago

    You're doing a good thing with the trash. Good uplifting hobby.

  • ben cruz - Channel Youtube
    ben cruz - 48 minutes ago

    Dude, first off he was obviously wrong about the jacket, the officer was completely reasonable with you. He said he would check his camera. What else do you want?

  • Joey Mendes - Channel Youtube
    Joey Mendes - 2 hours ago

    Citation for what. Let the camera speak a million words

  • Joey Mendes - Channel Youtube
    Joey Mendes - 2 hours ago

    Thanks for clearing up the rivers or water polluted areas. Job well done. Popo leave them alone

  • Joe smith - Channel Youtube
    Joe smith - 4 hours ago

    Fuckoff cotton picker clown in a uniform

  • Rodrigo Merlone - Channel Youtube
    Rodrigo Merlone - 5 hours ago

    "Guilty until proven inocent" Well that just pretty much sums up police behavior everywhere around the world.

  • jaypee ambida - Channel Youtube
    jaypee ambida - 6 hours ago

    What the? They are cleaning the freaking river..

  • April Bell - Channel Youtube
    April Bell - 6 hours ago

    He realized he screwed up. He had a power trip. Bicycle cops lol

  • lina the poop - Channel Youtube
    lina the poop - 7 hours ago


  • lseul - Channel Youtube
    lseul - 7 hours ago

    The code in general seems ridiculous. People should have the freedom to swim or dive with or without a life jacket

  • Barbosa Uribe - Channel Youtube
    Barbosa Uribe - 11 hours ago

    I hate the fucken cops ! Sorry but some of these guys are straight ass holes.

  • Elbachir ben amar - Channel Youtube
    Elbachir ben amar - 11 hours ago

    There is a morrocan say: do good, shit happens.

  • jpkjpk11 - Channel Youtube
    jpkjpk11 - 12 hours ago

    Another pig w/ an 85 IQ.

  • claycupcakes143 - Channel Youtube
    claycupcakes143 - 12 hours ago


  • G35Marcos - Channel Youtube
    G35Marcos - 13 hours ago

    Stupid cop

  • Pepper_the_bunnin - Channel Youtube
    Pepper_the_bunnin - 13 hours ago

    Don’t worry he was just salty

  • JoelRichardson - Channel Youtube
    JoelRichardson - 14 hours ago

    Handled it alot better than I would've.

  • Flávio Giannini - Channel Youtube
    Flávio Giannini - 16 hours ago

    Anyway, I don't like this autoritarian government that control how you enter in a river. If irresponsible people is drowning there, this is not the government issue.

  • Deshone Browne - Channel Youtube
    Deshone Browne - 17 hours ago

    Fuck that police that mad bro

  • Aaron Wilson - Channel Youtube
    Aaron Wilson - 18 hours ago

    They cant do my dude Jordan like that😔 Jordan God gonna make you a miracle for every thing you do for your city lake and lakes😊We all love what you do😊

  • shaun davies - Channel Youtube
    shaun davies - 18 hours ago

    Guys do a vid of the junk you pull out the rivers. Keep up the great work

  • Sheila Champion - Channel Youtube
    Sheila Champion - 18 hours ago

    I’m sure you get asked a million times but the camera that your using in the first part of this video...it’s the GoPro? Excellent quality.

  • Myself andI - Channel Youtube
    Myself andI - 19 hours ago

    This is what happens when you take a big bad ol' silverback and give him a bicycle and a badge.

  • thomas Patas - Channel Youtube
    thomas Patas - 19 hours ago

    You really dont need to justify yourselve you guys do some great work for the 3 vids ive seen of you

  • Gauge Wallace - Channel Youtube
    Gauge Wallace - 22 hours ago

    I would have ripped the paper

  • Cj Gav - Channel Youtube
    Cj Gav - 1 day ago

    The police is deafinetly lvl2 private/Po2(PoliceOfficerRank2)

  • Joran Berserk - Channel Youtube
    Joran Berserk - 1 day ago

    I like you guys. Even though frustrated you kept cool and respectful.

  • silver bullet - Channel Youtube
    silver bullet - 1 day ago

    Bottom of the barrel cop. They are in every trade.

  • Charlie - Channel Youtube
    Charlie - 2 days ago

    And you vote for this freedom. You guys need to change..... not you guys. But as Americans..... you looked doomed in my opinion