TJoe Rogan on Mayhem Miller & Rampage Jackson

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Published on Sep 04, 2017

Joe Rogan talks about Mayhem Miller & Rampage Jackson.

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1007.

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  • Michael Lopez - 1 day ago

    I fuck with Mayhem and Rampage they where both my guys. It's a shame we gotta get old. (Apollo Creed Rocky 3)

  • fvgc454ss - 2 days ago

    Jacare was a dq on a kick while he was down I believe. Either way mayhem was winning easily

  • Juan Castaneda - 3 days ago

    they are about to film a gay porn!

  • DanielJones Jones - 3 weeks ago

    Rampage coolest of the cool ,Mayhem I forgot my filter Miller ,

  • Aaron Shady - 3 weeks ago

    Idk man. That Kevin randleman slam on fedor is pretty close. But he still lost!!!

  • Machinelf - 3 weeks ago

    Fuck off, Sakuraba was well past his prime at that point

  • JOSEPH Paige - 3 weeks ago

    Slapping the mat wouldn't have helped with that Rampage slam !

  • Landon Crenshaw - 3 weeks ago

    I’d love to see a JRE episode with Mayhem

  • Benny Vazquez - 3 weeks ago

    Benton rampage Jackson did slam the crap out of Arona.. But Kevin Randleman’s belly to back super X versus Fedor Was arguably the greatest bodyslam a memory history as well

  • Michael Anderson - 3 weeks ago

    Learning how to fall hurts like a mother fucker. I remember practicing my falls during takedown training. I fell wrong one day and damaged my scapula.

  • egil kake - 3 weeks ago

    Miller is a beast!))

  • Chad Armstrong - 3 weeks ago

    dude with the black hat looks like a fat Dan Blizerian (not sure if I spelled his name right.....don't care)

  • G.R, Dray - 4 weeks ago


  • John Mc - 4 weeks ago

    Wtf is up with the no shirts!!?? Hahaha

  • WInds O' Change - 4 weeks ago

    That's the machine. He did stand up with no shirt. His Russian story had me in tears.

  • Jack O'Jack - 4 weeks ago

    It didn't work with Mossaoui, he triangled a guy who was standing up and he tapped him out after getting slammed

  • George Stobbart - 4 weeks ago

    Jackson is a bully and Miller is an annoying prick! These are the two men these shirtless losers look up to and respect...

  • Jared Borellis - 1 month ago

    Mayweather wore the face mask cause fighting McGregor is a boxing ring was equal to robbing a bank .

  • Jeff Blevins - 1 month ago

    Love Mayhem ...great fighter.

  • PhyeNTheSky - 1 month ago

    Shirts vs blouses 👚

  • wgefgsh - 1 month ago

    Now roga n i always thought I wanted to see you right more but your old casts are so much better and your knowledge means alot. I am glad you are with us today with a brain that seems to work at full capacity. I will never take you for granted because that's exactly what I did with mayhem. I feel like i knew mayhem and now he just seems to be a more extremely mentally off person. Some of his actions are a less mild version of my father who i love very much. I am just so glad I never pursued fighting like my dad and others who have lost the ability to be happy. I would mind less if I was happy people but they seem so miserable and just so misunderstood.

  • meshuggah life - 1 month ago

    So annoying when they are talking about a video then don't show it.

  • joao beto - 1 month ago

    j a m i e p u l l t h a t u p

  • lucky5th2 - 1 month ago

    Fedor vs Kevin was a way worse slam

  • Michael Cook - 1 month ago

    Dude sakuraba was so old in that fight that doesn't count dude

  • Conor Francis - 2 months ago

    Mayhem Miller is awesome

  • jeri house - 2 months ago

    he was disqualified when he faught jacare in pride

  • Brandon Smith - 2 months ago

    randelman smashed Fedor pretty bad

  • peter - 2 months ago

    Whats goin on Bert wheres the shirt

  • halouxy - 3 months ago

    Put a shirt on you fatso