Tennis Player Can't stop laughing at the opposite player mistake

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Published on Feb 04, 2016

Israel - Estonia
Israel Tennis Player can't stop laughing at the Estonia player after her mistake

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  • wilson blauheuer - Channel Youtube
    wilson blauheuer - 3 hours ago

    Ball was out- Israel lost the point, so the girl was laughing at her own mistake.

  • wilson blauheuer - Channel Youtube
    wilson blauheuer - 4 hours ago

    someone on the sidleines is  doing something to make her laugh. Sounds like she has some good fan support, helping her to lose a tennis match.

  • Arturo Budge - Channel Youtube
    Arturo Budge - 12 hours ago

    disrispectful shit

  • Taylor Puking - Channel Youtube
    Taylor Puking - 16 hours ago

    Thats because shes a bitch thats never had a mistake. Disgusting crude bitch

  • Kelly The Cutie - Channel Youtube
    Kelly The Cutie - 18 hours ago

    That was priceless!😂

  • ryujinjakk4 - Channel Youtube
    ryujinjakk4 - 19 hours ago

    Israeli scum

  • Taha G - Channel Youtube
    Taha G - 24 hours ago

    Must be an Israeli thing. Laughing mockingly at the demise of others

  • Mj R - Channel Youtube
    Mj R - 1 day ago

    We have zero control over what we find funny...we don’t say to ourselves...hey you know what, I’m going to find that funny, yes I agree with my self, I’ll choose to find it funny!! We have no control over it!

  • Finnish strength - Channel Youtube
    Finnish strength - 1 day ago

    Cute laugh 😊 i've also been in situations where you have to be quiet but you just can't hold the laughter in 😂😆

  • VvLog - Channel Youtube
    VvLog - 1 day ago

    Her back muscles give me life

  • Jackson Callahan - Channel Youtube
    Jackson Callahan - 1 day ago

    It’s not that fucking funny Jesus Christ tennis is boring

  • kilo B - Channel Youtube
    kilo B - 1 day ago

    Not very sportsman like. And really is the joke not on you. You are Israeli...

  • TRU MAN - Channel Youtube
    TRU MAN - 1 day ago

    What a bitch.

  • Chris Capps - Channel Youtube
    Chris Capps - 2 days ago

    Fucking Jews!! They should all be shot!!

  • Sun7zu - Channel Youtube
    Sun7zu - 2 days ago

    Half expected the Israeli to be an unprofessional cunt.

  • Arthur Orlov - Channel Youtube
    Arthur Orlov - 2 days ago

    Judías, que esperaban?

  • 86sith - Channel Youtube
    86sith - 2 days ago

    I'm surprised they haven't tried to build settlements on the court .

  • Lau Ra - Channel Youtube
    Lau Ra - 2 days ago

    If it was the opposite, the stonian player would have been accused of antisemitist.

  • Amers - Channel Youtube
    Amers - 2 days ago

    Laughing is stress leaving the body

  • Jakau - Channel Youtube
    Jakau - 2 days ago

    fucking same

  • OtakuEdits - Channel Youtube
    OtakuEdits - 2 days ago

    I came to the comments for memes, not for politics

  • icepickmeetstemple - Channel Youtube
    icepickmeetstemple - 3 days ago

    Unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • TSU Music - Channel Youtube
    TSU Music - 3 days ago

    She sexy

  • melih oğuz - Channel Youtube
    melih oğuz - 3 days ago

    fuck israel!!

  • Knuckles #2761 - Channel Youtube
    Knuckles #2761 - 3 days ago

    Is there 10 hours version?

  • Nader Janjua - Channel Youtube
    Nader Janjua - 3 days ago

    Typical Israeli behaviour

  • Smells LikeBacon - Channel Youtube
    Smells LikeBacon - 3 days ago

    White women in Israel? Didn’t know that but I’d def dig in those cheeks

  • Chris Parke - Channel Youtube
    Chris Parke - 3 days ago

    Fuck Israel

  • geministar - Channel Youtube
    geministar - 3 days ago

    Cute Israeli women 😊

  • Matthew Potts - Channel Youtube
    Matthew Potts - 3 days ago

    Israeli. Fuck em. From a member of the u.s. military fuck you Israel. Our politicians may be your friends but the military we know what you actually are all about and we all want to bomb you to nothing