TMy Drunk Kitchen: Matcha Do About Nuttin'!

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Published on Apr 14, 2018

Today we make matcha chocolate peanut butter cups! Whatcha think? Wanna give it a go?


This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!

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  • Katie Savage - 5 hours ago

    Maggie is the cutest person in the world

  • shadowkitteh03 - 6 hours ago

    Oooooooooooohhhh that title is gay 😂💛💛💛

  • Elizabeth Maack - 11 hours ago

    Maggie: Hey viewers at home! It’s me! Your favorite sister! Hannah: Wow, Naomi is gonna be pissed. Maggie: Oh F***! my favorite part ❤️❤️😂

  • Emily McClellan - 15 hours ago

    Maggie is cracking me up, "Hey, America!" xD Great episode! And I've been LOVING the podcast too!

  • Tish Glorioso - 16 hours ago

    Hannah with glasses <3

  • mara-hime - 22 hours ago

    Highly suggest watching the JumsKitchen channel for tips on how to keep Charles away from your cooking ventures!

  • GR Burke - 1 day ago

    Fuck matcha, what even is that? DON'T TEASE US WITH MAGGIE YOU BITCH! xx

  • Amanda Boone - 2 days ago

    Oh my gosh!!!! My dogs middle name is Xavier! His full name is Cassanova Xavier Boone. XD

  • Anthony - 2 days ago

    I really love when all these guest just happen in his video, it seems so much more relatable, also, amazing sass on Magi XD

  • Alexis May - 2 days ago

    Maggie for president 2020

  • Christina Scott - 2 days ago

    Charles is my inspiration

  • 1JAY videos - 2 days ago

    nice 🌻👈

  • Josh Keller - 2 days ago

    I sincerely loved this video because of the caption.

  • Gabriel Maisonet - 2 days ago

    I feel like that title (much ado wordplay) is underappreciated in these comments, for once it was a title that actually made me click And although I love all of the things in this video, I'm probably too lazy to ever make this. Fun personality to watch! And I love your cat

  • Salim Buamim - 2 days ago

    Ellen ?!

  • Vav Aryeh - 2 days ago

    U ok mate?

  • radfoo72 - 3 days ago

    Okay let's go back to the main chemra!

  • radfoo72 - 3 days ago

    Xylitol is really a redundant ingredient here. Is regular peanut butter not sweet enough for you as it is?

  • Open Eye - 3 days ago

    4:55 That pan is the devil!!!! Throw it away! Team center pieces right here!!!

  • Natalie Mink - 3 days ago

    Hannah, I want to try these! :)

  • Kevin Espino - 3 days ago

    😋Lmao! "Matcha" is one of those words that's just hella fun to say even though its really just a hipster term for green tea!😂


    I hate cats

  • Josh Strobel - 3 days ago

    Anyone else google macha because they've never heard of it before?

  • ree dee - 3 days ago

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  • Fany823 - 3 days ago

    How did simba even eat after thinking he MURDERED his father. Asking the real questions..

  • Play A Song - 3 days ago

    There’s something about this that’s warm, classic Harto humor but with fresh, modern Harto cooking and editing skills. Such a wonderful blend! Also, I’ve GOTTA try this recipe!

  • absentmindedprof - 3 days ago

    Xylatol is sugar alcohol. No calories. Eat too much and you will have diarrhea.

  • absentmindedprof - 3 days ago

    Peanut butter rules! So do you!

  • mario husya wiputra - 3 days ago

    I put comment with no meaning at all

  • Teabag U2 - 3 days ago

    Cat hair anyone