TMSC Seaside Food - Is it like this Preziosa Buffet: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Time, Dinner?

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  • Margreita Wynne - 2 days ago

    We were on this cruise in the beginning of April and I will go go on misc again the f ood is horribly you had to Que for ever thing ,lifts public toilets , tours , bars , you never got a sun bed or see a show the people are very rude the food in the resturant is terrible we eat breakfast and nothing else for the day all the food is cold there is too many people on this ship over five thousand my husband saved for 2 years for my 60 birthday and it was not worth it we will never recommend this ship to anybody in ireland dont waste your money

  • Terry Swick - 3 weeks ago

    I sailed on the Seaside on the first 7 day cruise in January. The pizza is the best ever!!! The ship is beautiful. Now for the bad part; travelers are very rude, buffet choices are poor. Formal dining room took 2 hours each night for dinner and food was marginal. I have been on 23 other cruises and would never go back on MSC. Too bad because the price was good and the ship is beautiful.

  • john smith - 3 weeks ago

    Hi MSC. Please send this ship to Australia!!!!! The MSC Seaside is way better than any ship that currently sails from Australia (except for the Oasis of the Seas...but thats overpriced) and beats the old Carnival and P&O ships we have sailed on.

  • Michael B. - 3 weeks ago


  • Jewels Miglioranzi - 1 month ago

    prefer Carnival Cruiseline's food over the MSC any day, looks bland & non appetizing. Maybe this is their way to get u to pay extra & go to the specialty restaurants

  • SHIPmax - 1 month ago

    This is not the Seaside!! We don’t know if this is for the North American market where MSC wants to specialize the food

  • dazzerstar - 1 month ago

    Cakes for breakfast?no thanks

  • jason hochheiser - 2 months ago

    Looks a bit underwhelming. i expected better.

  • ExtraordinaryLiving - 2 months ago

    Ref 15:26 - Were they screaming "More, more, more!" as in more, more, more *REAL* food?!?!? Very underwhelming selections at the buffet, food quality looks waaaay below par comparing to even mid-level cruise lines like Carnival, RCCL, NCL, Celebrity, and the like.

  • Builtfa - 2 months ago

    All the videos I’ve seen pretty much prove that MSC offers very unimpressive food options. Pass.

  • Travel ТV - 2 months ago

    I know how save much money with every cruise :-)

  • richard none - 2 months ago

    the buffet is very skimpy on good food just lots of carbs most ships have a much better buffet

  • Mark Haslar - 2 months ago

    I was on the seaside from january 20 to 27 2018 just last week. The fodd ship and crew were awesome but most of the people were just freakin rude ass pigs that you thought were starving to death. knock you out of the way teenagers and kids grab something by hand and stand right in the way to eat it.I never liked buffets on land for this reason and on a boat its just ten times worse

  • Darrell S - 3 months ago

    Thanks for video taping the buffet on the MSC Seaside but just for future reference spend less time filming the more recognisable and show more of the descriptions of the foods that aren't so easy to recognize by most people.

  • KtK - 3 months ago

    ummmm buon cibo

  • Cure Fairy - 3 months ago

    Food is a big part of cruising and this food did not look appetizing to me at all,ill stick with the American cruise lines

  • Tee Pee - 3 months ago

    Thanks so much for the video!!

  • nairbvel - 3 months ago

    Wow - you can have water, or you can have water if you want, or if you'd prefer you can have water. Underwhelming.

  • Stephen Brown - 3 months ago

    Noise level horrendous

  • Stephen Brown - 3 months ago

    At the start of the video there was a price tag of $3.90 for breakfast orange juice.  Do you really have to pay extra for food on your cruises?

  • madiantin - 3 months ago

    Was it the same food every day, or did they change it from day to day? Were there hamburger buns near the hamburgers/cheeseburgers, or were they in another part of the buffet, or were there none available at all?   Overall, what did you think of the quality and variety of food aboard ship?