TGarlic Spaghetti - Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Recipe - Pasta with Garlic and Olive Oil

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Published on Dec 17, 2010

Learn how to make Garlic Spaghetti (Spaghetti Aglio e Olio)! Visit for more info and over 500 more original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Recipe!

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  • Executioness - 1 day ago

    I thought that was a large saucepan of olive oil for a second lol

  • randy zakem - 2 days ago

    A good variance is basil and oregano also with a couple pads of butter

  • Christopher Pazen - 3 days ago

    Mmmmmhhhmmmm looks so good

  • Pisces X - 3 days ago

    Oh my God! This looked amazing and so simple! I can't believe 1.2K people didn't like this! What is wrong with you people??

  • TelefunkenYou 47 - 4 days ago

    Than you been looking for something like this yummy

  • Chester John Somes - 4 days ago

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! with laryngitis

  • Saju Vetiyatil - 4 days ago

    You are the chef with the original touch. Loved this, thanks for posting.

  • Sophia Tisbe - 5 days ago

    I like your pasta and im gonna cook like that so delicious and its simple dish but its so delicious when i watch that

  • Stephen Lambrecht - 6 days ago

    Yes, that is heaven on a plate

  • Chuck Love - 1 week ago

    By adding the Aglio e Olio sauce to the pasta in the plate, you are making a classic mistake. Add the pasta to the sauce in the pan, toss it there and then plate it. If fact, cook the pasta a minute or two short of al dente and then finish its' cooking in the pan, IN THE SAUCE!

  • B007 - 1 week ago

    Thumbs down for adding chesse. Seriously wtf??!!

  • Michele Denise - 1 week ago

    love it to subscribe to me at

  • Robin18us - 2 weeks ago

    No anchovies?

  • Van Gogh - 2 weeks ago

    This is a funny introduction!!! Way to go Chef - I'm making this tonight!!!

  • Vanessa Eat.1994 - 2 weeks ago

    Can u use vegetable oil?

  • Darth Bobo - 2 weeks ago

    All these blasphemers in the comments adding unnecessary ingredients to the perfect pasta dish...

  • JWentu - 3 weeks ago

    Wonderful presentation. Aglio is good for your health mainly if eaten fresh. When you cook it, it loses a lot of its wonderful properties. There's an article online describing after how many minutes of any kind of cooking, garlic is no more effective. And now some personal experience. My family (I am 100% italian) prefers "Aglio, olio e peperoncino". that is garlic, olive oil and chili (no parsley). When I was 5 years old, in order to convince me eating pasta when it was quite hot (due to the chili), my parents started adding mayo to the pasta. Probably to most italians this sounds scary, horrible. But the way I love my aglio, olio e peperoncino, is actually: aglio (a lot), olio, peperoncino, mayo AND parsely! Maybe it's "wrong", but I just love it sooo much!

  • 100%Awesome #1 - 3 weeks ago

    Greasy spaghetti. I don't care for oily noodles.

  • MAX DELMONTE - 3 weeks ago

    Dear Chef John. I hope you feel better. Just want to thank you for this amazing recepie and method on this dish. So simple yet so delicious. My family loved it.... I did not rinse the pasta Thanks again my friend

  • JesusWept - 3 weeks ago


  • payazokoki - 3 weeks ago

    Chef, where are you!!!

  • Ron Douglas - 3 weeks ago

    Sorry Chef... I don't mean to disagree with you but instead of pouring the pasta into a bowl, pour the pasta directly into the pan with the garlic and olive oil and toss thoroughly.

  • Lucas Guillemette - 4 weeks ago

    I had to go and make it right away.

  • khaleq khan - 4 weeks ago


  • Abe - 4 weeks ago

    I like your videos in general - simple but attainable and effective recipes.  In this case, though, I have to point out that there is no parmesan (or any other cheese) put on gli spaghetti aglio olio.  I think adding the pasta water is questionable too, though I understand it, and it's maybe a matter of preference - some original recipes do call for it.  Adding cheese is not the worst thing in the world compared to some pasta sins commonly committed by non-Italians (like adding onion or cream to carbonara), but in my time spent living in Italy I have never seen it done that way, nor do I think it improves upon the taste.  This is a dish most likely from Campania, near Naples (originally made with what was likely vermicelli), though some consider it also to be Roman (at least by adoption).  I like though how you instructed everyone to brown the garlic mildly and slowly.  Personally, I like to add some parsley and peperoncino (hot pepper flakes) to the oil as well to let it permeate there and not only be a garnish (not claiming that is 100% traditional, but I think it works).  Italians are very persnickety about their pasta and traditional dishes (more than most), though in my experience their persnicketiness should be respected, because there is always a rationale, and they are almost always right, with most deviations making things worse (at least once you learn to appreciate and develop a palate for the core tenets of Italian cuisine, which has a lot to do with minimalism, good digestion, and letting ingredients shine).

  • robert lombardo - 4 weeks ago

    In Italy they sprinkle bread crumbs,on the pasta when it’s on the plate along with cheese.ive also had a tomato pie with oil and garlic with bread crumbs also.

  • ron drews - 1 month ago

    Cook the Garlic only until translucent. Brown Garlic is bitter and over cooked.

  • suzarraelizabeth - 1 month ago

    I dream about this stuff! Yumm

  • The Narrator - 1 month ago

    i grew up on this.

  • Jerry Addison - 1 month ago

    Love how this turned out.