INCREDIBLES 2 "Elastigirl New Suit" Trailer (2018) Disney Movie HD

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Published on Apr 05, 2018

INCREDIBLES 2 "Elastigirl New Suit" Trailer (2018) Disney Movie HD
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  • Ken Marin - Channel Youtube
    Ken Marin - 7 hours ago

    Frozone and Jack Jack... sounds like a franchise no?

  • DOWSETT - Channel Youtube
    DOWSETT - 1 day ago

    Kinda looks like they De-nut the Dad so that the Mom can wear them.

  • Pinkyy Bts - Channel Youtube
    Pinkyy Bts - 4 days ago

    Barry Allan is shaking

  • dank kangaroo - Channel Youtube
    dank kangaroo - 1 week ago


  • Solar Prophet - Channel Youtube
    Solar Prophet - 1 week ago

    I'm extremely happy and all, but... WHY DID WE HAVE TO WAIT 14 YEARS FOR THIS?!? This is arguably one of Pixar's best films, and it took FOURTEEN YEARS?!? Shit like Cars gets two fucking sequels and a spinoff, but we couldn't get ONE Incredibles sequel before now? For shame Disney, for SHAME!!

  • Will Rogers - Channel Youtube
    Will Rogers - 2 weeks ago

    That baby needs some serious discipline!!

  • Will Rogers - Channel Youtube
    Will Rogers - 2 weeks ago

    I would soo stretch that MILF out!!

  • Cameron Choiselat - Channel Youtube
    Cameron Choiselat - 2 weeks ago

    Elastigirl's face on the thumbnail

  • Mark Ukrainetz - Channel Youtube
    Mark Ukrainetz - 2 weeks ago

    This isn't going to be a super re-boot of Mr. Mom, is it?

  • Sgt Dino - Channel Youtube
    Sgt Dino - 2 weeks ago

    i hope the movie is better than this shit! ?

  • Ted Logan - Channel Youtube
    Ted Logan - 3 weeks ago

    Even this is being Disneyfied. The man is a bumbling idiot bad parent, while the woman, in order to exercise her "equality", is off working, being heroic, successful, and able to do everything while the man stays and home and is hopelessly incapable of anything. SMH

  • Dino 1 - Channel Youtube
    Dino 1 - 3 weeks ago

    Daaammmmmnnnn Bob lucky af

  • ZSAVAGE_LIT 7 - Channel Youtube
    ZSAVAGE_LIT 7 - 3 weeks ago

    I like their new suits

  • Matthew Kretschmer - Channel Youtube
    Matthew Kretschmer - 3 weeks ago

    Helen Parr/Elastigirl new suit is just as lovely as her previews suits.

  • Kixeee - Channel Youtube
    Kixeee - 3 weeks ago


  • Ajit More - Channel Youtube
    Ajit More - 3 weeks ago

    Looking at the comments, #childhoodruined😂

  • Aurora Borealis - Channel Youtube
    Aurora Borealis - 3 weeks ago

    Every comment here is about how thicc Elastigirl is. Just like God intended. I'm so ready for all the inevitable R34.

  • The Musicmaster107 - Channel Youtube
    The Musicmaster107 - 3 weeks ago


  • Frankie O'Shea - Channel Youtube
    Frankie O'Shea - 3 weeks ago

    The suits not new its her original suit

  • Tylar Brown - Channel Youtube
    Tylar Brown - 3 weeks ago

    Thicker then a Snicker

  • 兵士Cloud - Channel Youtube
    兵士Cloud - 3 weeks ago

    I wanna bang elastagirl! There i said it.

  • Jewel Mine - Channel Youtube
    Jewel Mine - 3 weeks ago

    wait, Enda is a girl?! I always thought she was a guy!

  • M. Cobretti - Channel Youtube
    M. Cobretti - 3 weeks ago

    Maaan! Elastic girl is the icing on the cake of why I wanna watch this😍 😘 😍 😘 .

  • monkey D. luffy - Channel Youtube
    monkey D. luffy - 3 weeks ago

    Holy thicc

  • Dirty Dan - Channel Youtube
    Dirty Dan - 3 weeks ago


  • Shady gamer - Channel Youtube
    Shady gamer - 3 weeks ago

    Elastic girl is sooooo fucking HOT!!!!!

  • Jesse Porter - Channel Youtube
    Jesse Porter - 3 weeks ago

    They made elasta girl wayyyy to hot didnt notice when I was a kid haha

  • Matthew Hoonan - Channel Youtube
    Matthew Hoonan - 3 weeks ago

    R E I K A W A K U B O

  • Snow/Jessica Angel - Channel Youtube
    Snow/Jessica Angel - 3 weeks ago


  • surfitlive - Channel Youtube
    surfitlive - 3 weeks ago

    Shouldn't she be ElastiWOMAN being she has had children? #PC