TAmericans Try Customizable Kimchi

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Published on Mar 12, 2018

"It's healthy, though"

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Kind People Kimchi
Jay Park
Zion Anthony
Jongman Kim
Themo Melikidze
Claire Lee
Grace Valerie
Eliana Aguirre

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  • Mia Landau - 3 minutes ago

    RuPaul’s drag race😉

  • Sami Stark - 1 hour ago

    who is that guy in the denim jacket...

  • Raunak - 7 hours ago

    the guy in white is ME with food in general

  • HECTOR HERN - 11 hours ago

    Good said good food exiting nice is awesome good work x8🗻🗻🌋🌋

  • S S - 1 day ago

    more Themo please!

  • Nom Nom - 2 days ago

    0:15 looks like a weird yakuza.

  • suga daddy - 2 days ago

    claire is so pretty💕

  • Angela - 2 days ago

    Themo😍 I loved you in Patriots Day! You need to be in more movies!

  • Helen Moam - 3 days ago

    check out my video on depression <3

  • The Slick Nic - 3 days ago

    I jizzed 4 times watching the korean chick eat

  • Michael Oh - 3 days ago

    They put gold in kimchi???? What an earth is going on

  • Vivian Le - 3 days ago

    omggg. Can we just appreciate how Claire's make up is looking so bomb diggity dot com !

  • daniel wimmer - 3 days ago

    gather negative competition mood sunlight slope fast thought

  • Jayjae420 A.R.M.Y - 3 days ago

    I looove kimchi but its really hard to find good kimchi where i live in America :(

  • Akhatzhan Bob - 3 days ago

    Сосните мой соски ублюдки

  • tommystourettes - 3 days ago

    lol. that one guy is just feeding everyone around him.

  • GardenGnome 26 - 3 days ago

    Didn't know Supreme made Kimchi.

  • Misa Showz - 3 days ago

    kimchi fried rice is one of the best foods I've ever eaten and it's easy to make

  • Pixel Solia - 3 days ago

    ... Eats without much explanation of what they are trying in the way of different flavors. Stepped away from how vids usually go on this format. Doesn't go well, I couldn't get through it. Yes, keep eating more things without telling us anything.

  • Ricky Rehbein - 3 days ago

    British people try lemonade.

  • neorekcah - 3 days ago

    this should be done by yb, evan and claire, they can include kelsey too for non korean opinion.

  • Yeo-jin Kim - 3 days ago

    Random, but I feel like I'm suddenly finding so many new Buzzfeed videos but they're all dated years ago

  • 박린나 - 3 days ago

    The way they are holding the chopsticks offense me and is making me cringe (im talking g about the white girls)

  • Sabrina Conley - 3 days ago

    This video wasn't very effective. I was really looking forward to hearing them talk about the ingredients that were in each kimchi, what is this product? how can you customize it? where can you purchase it? what makes each one different and better/worse from the other? These kimchi look really cool would have been nice to actually learn more about them and where they're from.

  • Why have a name? ? - 3 days ago

    I don't even know what this is but okay

  • tenzin lhagyal - 3 days ago

    Why da guys feedin each other ... loool.. cringyyy yooo

  • purplerainbow - 3 days ago

    Claire looks so much like Snsd Jessica, I went wait whaaaaaaa Jessica Jung joined Buzzfeed?!?

  • Olive Odida - 4 days ago

    Claire is so pretty. 😻😻😻

  • Lucyletsplay Ferris - 4 days ago

    Kimchi, what is kimchi hmm 🤔 is it healthy food pack or something.

  • kimochi.warui - 4 days ago

    who cares that theyre americans is it so hard to just say people