TAdam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle

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Published on Feb 02, 2017

This past holiday, Adam took part in Imgur's secret santa gift exchange, surprising a fan with a custom modded and painted Nerf rifle! For today's One Day Build, Adam shows how he took the Nerf toy apart and put it back together with his functional and aesthetic improvements.

Watch Adam and VSauce Live on the BrainCandy tour: http://www.braincandylive.com/

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
Music by Jinglepunks

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  • Max The Toon Demon - 19 minutes ago

    Who else thinks Adam is the Bob Ross of nerf moding?

  • Jacob Dumary - 2 hours ago

    the long strike sucks

  • timefeatherstorm - 3 hours ago

    they don't even show it shooting stuff?

  • Masterjakefinn - 4 hours ago

    You don’t know how much I would pay for that thing

  • Cornboy341 morecorn - 9 hours ago

    What about filling the nonmoving parts with expanding foam? Hate the cheap feel of nerve guns

  • Maxs Lab - 17 hours ago

    Battle scared AWP dragon lore ?!??!!!?!!!!

  • Luke Mann - 18 hours ago

    He nerds out so hard, and it couldn't make me any happier. The pure joy when he very first puts the clip in (giggity) is so fantastic

  • Rich Bent - 24 hours ago

    Awesome. Looks totally borderlands

  • Drake 77 2.0 - 2 days ago

    A Fortnite weapon , hahahahahahaha

  • Veilstone - 2 days ago

    Adam Savage in Pimp My Gun

  • Military Edits - 2 days ago

    It must be amazing for a child to have him as your dad

  • Alexander Crafter - 2 days ago

    I want that hat

  • SheyD78 - 2 days ago

    is it just me or do the helpers seem reminiscent of the 3 from mythbusters (cary, grant and tory)

  • vikki Taylor - 3 days ago

    nice work you do have some skills

  • Big Jonny - 3 days ago

    Didn't he come from mythbusters

  • Big Jonny - 3 days ago

    He shouldn't be painting the insides

  • AO Infiltrater - 3 days ago

    WOW! He went all out.

  • Douglas Kenji - 3 days ago

    borderlands sniper looks like a vladov mixed with a hyperion

  • N G - 3 days ago

    damn that thing looks real haha.

  • JDM FASTGUYS - 3 days ago

    Just came across this and I'm glad to see that he's staying productive and making new things after the show. Usually stars like that disappear after their "big fame" is gone

  • ImNotARobato - 3 days ago

    This was actually boring and the end result was not worth the length of the video.

  • SlendyMan 702 - 4 days ago

    Adam Savage is like the Bob Ross of prop making

  • Hernan 2630 - 4 days ago


  • Hernan 2630 - 4 days ago

    Hi Adam I’ve seen this video a long time ago but I was wondering if you can make me one that’s gray and black

  • L_K_10 - 4 days ago

    suppressor not silencer

  • GtaGamingAllStar - 4 days ago

    Wow. I was the nine millionth viewer.

  • MrPapamaci88 - 4 days ago

    A tip for weathering: If you want something freshly painted to look rusted, the best way to do that is using actual rust! Get a piece of iron, and put it in water for the night, it should rust up pretty nicely, specially if you chisel it a bit. When you are done, chisel the rust off the iron into a small container, where you can store it. Now that you have rust dust as I like to call it, take a small brush, and put it into enamel, get it wet, then pick up some dust with the brush and apply it to the surface, if it comes off as drops, just let it dry, it'll make the paint look old around the rust. The rust itself will be stuck in the paint due to the enamel, and it's awesome. Also, when detailing black or gunmetal, I tend to use a simple pencil for the edges, since graphite has a nice dark metallic color and shine. Happy modelling! :D

  • N. R. - 5 days ago

    Who else got reminded at 23:23 of Bob Ross?

  • MrSpanners - 5 days ago

    It looks like a gun from borderlands

  • Nuntius - 5 days ago

    A year later there is still no "don't try this at home" joke in the comments