I Tried Following A Simply Nailogical Nail Art Tutorial

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Published on Feb 22, 2018

So I saw everyone following each other's makeup tutorials and I wanted to join in, but I decided that I wanted to try something I'd never tried before: NAIL ART. So in this video I tried to follow my friend Simply Nailogical's DIY multi-chrome raindrop nail tutorial and see how it went! We used gel polish, multichrome powder, glossy top coat, and fun rain drop effects!!

Also, make sure to watch until the end to VOTE on what my hair color should be for a special 4M subs video...!

Check out Cristine's video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfpoGe1oQ04

Check out Thomas Halbert's video here (inspiration): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDxqbU-guS0

Check out my friend Lauren's nail salon here: https://www.instagram.com/color_camp/

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  • Safiya Nygaard - Channel Youtube
    Safiya Nygaard - 3 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! sorry for the upload issues yesterday... hope you enjoy this silly attempt at doing one of cristine's videos! also, make sure to watch until the end to VOTE on what color i should dye my hair!! love u guys! EDIT: ALSO, as i said in the video, i didn't have enough lead time to buy the products from online, I only used what I could find in stores in person! So don't use what I use, get the stuff from cristine's links plz! i know cristine doesnt like glue base coats but i had to use what i could buy in person! and it worked fine for the purposes of the video.

  • Melissa kisses - Channel Youtube
    Melissa kisses - 3 hours ago

    I Luv you saf but that middle finger nail is weirdddd haaaha

  • Ginger Stone - Channel Youtube
    Ginger Stone - 5 hours ago


  • j gaming - Channel Youtube
    j gaming - 8 hours ago

    You nailed it.

  • Tisha Foggle - Channel Youtube
    Tisha Foggle - 11 hours ago

    Y u use glue based base coat?

  • kierra Denee - Channel Youtube
    kierra Denee - 12 hours ago

    For some reason you remind me of tamera off of sister sister lol

  • anime boiis are kyoot - Channel Youtube
    anime boiis are kyoot - 12 hours ago

    Why are your nails like that??

  • DayDr3ams - Channel Youtube
    DayDr3ams - 16 hours ago

    Wtf is Wrong with your middle nail...cut it gross ass LOL

  • Leah Sebastian - Channel Youtube
    Leah Sebastian - 18 hours ago

    i just noticed his shirt is saying drink slave beynn

  • Thea Zurek - Channel Youtube
    Thea Zurek - 19 hours ago

    "Cristine? Why are the nail aprons that you did not recommend not working for me?"

  • lullitaA 0310 - Channel Youtube
    lullitaA 0310 - 22 hours ago

    The middle fingers so matte it looks censored

  • lullitaA 0310 - Channel Youtube
    lullitaA 0310 - 22 hours ago

    7:06 😂😂😂😂🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • K I K A - Channel Youtube
    K I K A - 22 hours ago

    For firts BUFF THEM!

  • Hadassah - Channel Youtube
    Hadassah - 23 hours ago

    😂my little brother paints nails better than you😂😂🤣🤣

  • Duo DiySters - Channel Youtube
    Duo DiySters - 1 day ago

    You are so impatient ahhh !

  • X Dark X - Channel Youtube
    X Dark X - 2 days ago

    Is it sad- i just kissed my shoe?

  • Aunicorn 101 - Channel Youtube
    Aunicorn 101 - 2 days ago

    Lol did they censor the middle nail at the start?

  • Beth Mackiewicz - Channel Youtube
    Beth Mackiewicz - 2 days ago

    Those nails finished up tHiC

  • Sunandini Sharma - Channel Youtube
    Sunandini Sharma - 2 days ago

    13:26 see you all later bob 😂

  • ID setters - Channel Youtube
    ID setters - 2 days ago

    Super adorei seu perfil, passa no nosso canal no youtube. Xoxo

  • Potato Nails - Channel Youtube
    Potato Nails - 2 days ago

    you should have watched the full video first

  • #cousin Forever - Channel Youtube
    #cousin Forever - 2 days ago

    We like holo

  • Lisa Wright - Channel Youtube
    Lisa Wright - 2 days ago

    I love how she goes “alright”

  • unicorn lover - Channel Youtube
    unicorn lover - 3 days ago

    I paint my nails better than you and I'm 12!😛

  • Alyssa Garland - Channel Youtube
    Alyssa Garland - 3 days ago

    You did pretty good

  • Kcv1214 - Channel Youtube
    Kcv1214 - 3 days ago

    Is nobody gonna metion "ooh are my balls hard" ;-)

  • SAMAH CUTIE - Channel Youtube
    SAMAH CUTIE - 3 days ago

    I love Tyler's T-shirt😂😂😂

  • Kaylin Rea - Channel Youtube
    Kaylin Rea - 3 days ago

    Me and my giant raisins are pleased to make your aquantace

  • Gabby Roth - Channel Youtube
    Gabby Roth - 3 days ago

    Did anyone notice that in Kristine’s vid she says to cure for one min

  • crazzi-j north - Channel Youtube
    crazzi-j north - 3 days ago

    The thing is you didn’t do that badly. Lol